THE FRIEND INSIDE ~~ Poem, Friend, Love of Self, Life


        The Friend Inside
                        By The: Kingofjins

                           To be the way, I want to be,
                           the way I was, where I could see.
                          The love of life, inside a soul,
                            the life that makes, a person whole.

                             When I look back, upon this life,
                             with all my friends, and all their strife.
                             The time we spent, in hours of chat,
                              the time when love, was where it was at.

                               The love of a friend, the warmth of the soul,
                                can heal a heart, and make it whole.
                               When the time, has come and past,
                                the love of a friend, will always last.

                              When you think the world, has let you down,
                            lift up your chin, and I can be found.
                            Look in the mirror, and you will see,
                             someone in there, that could be me.

                            A friend I am, a friend I will be,
                            but the friend in the mirror, that you will see.
                           Is the one that is there, for an eternity,
                            is the one that is lost, in the crowded sea.

                            To all my Friends:
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