Links to other atheist and useful web sites

Creation "Science" Debunked

The Brick Testment This site by the atheist Brendan Powell Smith shows Bible stories, including the nudity, sex, violence and cursing, in Legos.

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible This site has the King James version of the bible and links to some other versions. What it does is highlight the things in the bible, mostly bad ones. It also includes a version of the Quran annotated in a similar manner.

A Case Against the Bible and Christianity, Especially Fundamentalist Christianity

The Unspoken Bible: What the Church Doesn't Tell You

Things we didn't find out in Sunday School This site is intended to be a resource for exchristians.

Christianity Meme A site about Christianity as a meme complex.

The Rejection of Pascel's Wagner: A Skeptic's Guide to Christianity

Ebon Musings This web site has two sections with articles, one about evolution and creation and the other about atheism.


Objective Thought

Religion is BULLSHIT! This one has many links.

The Bible - its evolution, contradictions, absurbities, immoralities, & failed prophecies

Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth

The Jesus Puzzle: Was There No Historical Jesus? This site is about if a historical Jesus even existed and how Christianity could have began without one.

The Jesus Myth

A site criticizing how missonaries are trying to convert Jews to Christianity through the Messianic Judaism movement.

Invisible Pink Unicorn The invisible pink unicorn is a parody deity invented at alt.atheism.

A site from Finland

Link to No Beliefs website

Link to Jesus Dress Up!
Jesus Dress Up!

Link to Normal Bob Smith's web site
Normal Bob Smith, who is a normal guy like you and me and he gave us Jesus Dress Up!

American Atheists Stuff

American Atheists logo and link to their web site

Here are links to articles on the American Atheists web site.