Corporate web site

Member of development team – 2005                    Advertisement

Sole designer/developer, doorway pages – 2004                  Music performer promotion

Sole designer/developer of home page (2003) and CD page (2000)                                                 Internet game

Web site support – 2003                                               Church web site

Sole designer/developer of all Youth Ministry pages – 2000

Personal                                                                             My own web sites*

o        Freelance: – 2004
o        Technical: – 2004
o        Home page: – 2004

*These are hosted by ISPs for free, so sometimes they display banners, have errors, or open pop-ups.  This is outside of my control.

Parts List Building and Testing (ASP)

Workflow tracking - Sample Login Page

General Motors #1

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General Motors #2

Meeting Scheduler (ASP)

Conference Room Signup - Sample Page

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Web Sites

Elementary School

Single page (HTML)

Notification that a feature is not yet available

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Software Engineering Community    (Rank 78 out of 8,500 as of 2/1/04)

Project Wrapup - Lessons Learned Checklist  – 2000


Software Productivity Center, Inc.

Article review   – 2000

Bredemeyer Consulting

Architecture paper review   – 2004