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And all our little agonies

by rosenskimmer

When two new, unwanted patients throw his world into disarray, House questions his own medical ability. As the ketamine treatment for his thigh fails, House’s friends begin to desert him.

Characters: House, team, Wilson, Cuddy.

Rating: PG-13

Length: 24 900 words

Spoilers: Season three AU.

Author's Notes: Thanks for the swift beta read and medical knowledge, Lynnafer and Benjimmy!

   To Weep, by Chickloveslotr     Cover art, by Hllangel



by Licia

Dr. House believes there is something unusual living in Lake Carnegie. Strange events unfold as he attempts to prove his theory.

Characters: House, Wilson, Thirteen, Cuddy.

Rating: PG-13

Length: 50 400 words

Spoilers: Through season four; some AU for season five.

Author's Notes: Thanks to Hithah for being my beta and cheerleader and Phinnia and Hannahrorlove for their encouragement and inspiration. The title comes from the mythopoeic concept coined by J.R.R. Tolkien, so thanks to him, too.

   Cover for Eucatastrophe, by Blue     Banshee, by Chemina


World of Weeping

by Mer

House is consulted by a secret organization led by a mysterious man who seems to know Wilson just a little bit too well for House's comfort.

Crossover Fandom: Torchwood

Characters: House, Wilson, Captain Jack Harkness.

Rating: PG-13

Length: 25 700 words

Spoilers: Set during House Season 5 -- after "Birthmarks" but before "Last Resort." Set after Series 2 of Torchwood.

Disclaimer: Torchwood and its characters were created by Russell T. Davies and are the property of the BBC.

Author's Notes: Thank you to my beta Elynittria, who not only tried to fix my failings, but also encouraged me to see this through to the end. This is a sequel, of sorts, to Elemental Forces, but can be read as a stand-alone.

   Cover Art, by Hllangel     Down the rabbit hole, by Aolian

    Office Business, by Alexwhitewell


The Other Conversation

by Imissimissyou

He understands her mute conversations with everyone. She is on the edge of a cliff.

Characters: House/Cameron

Rating: PG-13

Length: 21 000 words

Spoilers: Through Human Error.

Author's Notes: Endless thank yous to jlneveloff who looked over this story at the last minute!!

   A New Beginning, by Shutterbug_12     Cover, by Mem_vermelha


your rosary beads under the bed

by Fated_addiction

The truth is she's had the letter since June. We carry our memories in too many ways.

Characters: House/Cameron, Cameron Chase

Rating: PG-13

Length: 22 900 words

Spoilers: General season five.

Author's Notes: Thank you, thank you to all the people that have both encouraged me and not called me crazy for doing this again. *g* To Jenn, Michelle, and everyone else.

   Cameron, A Triptych, by Isaytoodlepip     Jamie, age 18; Allison age 14, by Aquatic Fishy




by Kimbari

Lisa Cuddy thought her dream of having a baby was finished. She thought her dream of a strong, loving partner would never come true. She was wrong on both counts, as well as in her assessment that Gregory House would have nothing to do with either of them.

Characters: House/Cuddy

Rating: NC-17

Length: 30 000 words

Spoilers: Up to and including Episode 506-"Joy"

Author's Notes: My deepest thanks to avidreadergirl. Not only is she the best beta reader on the planet, she encouraged me and said good and helpful things about my writing. Her price is far above rubies. I also want to thank xflsgrl, who also took time out of her busy schedule to beta this fic.

   Cover, by Hjsnapepm     Love Won't Sit Still, by Hihoplastic


Lead You Into The Night

by Ticcy

What's the differential for a woman who says she hates her baby?

Characters: House/Cuddy, Wilson

Rating: PG-13

Length: 35 000 words

Spoilers: None.

Author's Notes: Very, very big thanks to my betas, ducks_in_a_row and topaz_eyes. Many thanks to bammel and hihoplastic for the hand-holding.

   Trailer Vid, by Sadpie     My Medea, by Hihoplastic



Air Conditioner

by Alanwolfmoon

After Head&Heart;, House is physically damaged. A previously existing coworker-with-benefits relationship with Foreman is the only connection he has to rely on afterwards.

Pairing: House/Foreman

Rating: PG-13

Length: 39 700 words

Spoilers: Begins about a month after the end of s4, and takes a different path, ignoring s5.

Author's Notes: Slashfan54! Thank you so, so, so much! Without you, this story would never have gotten to see the light of day! And thank you especially for betaing 18,000 words more than you signed up for! You are truly amazing!

   Vid, by Bridget McKennitt     Cover for Air Conditioner, by Leiascully



Bounty Hunter Bedlam

by Hwshipper

How much havoc can a crippled Princeton doctor wreak for a disaster-prone Trenton bounty hunter? Stephanie Plum meets House and Wilson in a crime caper with absconding brothers, monster trucks, and a man with sinister eyebrows.

Pairing: House/Wilson

Rating: PG-13

Length: 27 000 words

Spoilers: Through 5.11 'Joy To The World' for House; through Fearless Fourteen for Stephanie Plum.

Author's Notes: I am indebted to my beta and cheerleader srsly_yes, whose enthusiasm, hard work and suggestions have greatly enriched the story.

   Cover art, by DIYSheep     Cover Art, by Wihluta

    Untitled, by Kiuneriar

Deaductive Reasoning

by Srsly_yes

Patients are being murdered as a serial killer stalks the halls of PPTH. House investigates. Could it be Wilson? Only his minion, House, knows he's a vampire.

Characters: House/Wilson

Rating: R

Length: 25 500 words

Spoilers: AU. Departs from canon after the beginning of S5

Author's Notes: A standalone story belonging to the Blood Brothers ‘verse. It is not necessary to read previous fics to understand what’s happening. My profuse thanks to my betas who gave their kind attention to this project and offered excellent advice, bookfan85 and leakey_lover. And bishojo_kitsune for her cheerleading skills.

   Unresponsive, by Alexwhitewell     'Not The Cabinets!', by Brynnamorgan

    The Night, by Ollee

Go Baby Go

by Anna and bell

House finds out about the woman in Wilson's life.

Characters: House/Wilson.

Rating: PG-13

Length: 25 700 words

Spoilers: Takes place mid-season 3.

Author's Notes: We received so much help with this fic it's crazy! Jougetsu provided the initial read-through and much encouragement; Alanwolfmoon provided suggestions on how to improve the story; and Dee combed the fic for mistakes.

   bucket, by Kirili     At The Cinderella, by Chemina


In My Darkest Dreams

by Benjimmy and Nemesishamartia

A tour through House's mind as he deals with the psychological fallout from Wilson's actions and the events occurring throughout season four.

Characters: House/Wilson.

Rating: NC-17

Length: 41 400 words

Spoilers: Throughout season four. Particularly '97 Seconds' and 'House's Head/ Wilson's Heart.' Diverts from canon after the finale.

Author's Notes: Much thanks to our wonderful betas, Phinnia and Evila_Elf. You've both been enormously helpful. WARNINGS: Very disturbing imagery throughout, mentions of self-harm and harm toward others.

   Vid, by The Libran Iniquity     Cover art, by Ticcy


Stay Away From the Glass: Tales of Petty Crime and Self-Punishment

by Sodiumbisulfite

It's a crazy world out there, and unfortunately Wilson's about to get shoved right into the middle of it.

Crossover Fandoms: Arrested Development, Batman.

Characters: House/Wilson, House/Gob Bluth, House/Bruce Wayne, Wilson/Joker

Rating: NC-17

Length: 21 100 words

Spoilers: 3 way crossover: House/Arrested Development/Batman No specific timeline for any. Batman is a mix of comic!verse & Nolan!verse. Special Guest Appearance by: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Author's Notes: Thank you to lifefeed my primary beta, causticchick for the title, and for suggestions. Thank you to Chris and Pat for their constant dares and suggestions of what to put in this fic. Also, a BIG thank you to my FL, and a HUGE thank you to Fireball Island.

   Cover Art, by Anna_bm     Cover Art, by Parrot



by Zulu

Wilson doesn't end relationships; he launches himself headfirst into something even more disastrous instead.

Pairing: House/Wilson (Wilson/Wendy, House/Foreman)

Rating: NC-17

Length: 39 000 words

Spoilers: Through season three.

Author's Notes: This story is part of the Percussionverse. Many thanks to my beta, Troutkitty, and my cheerleaders: Daemonluna, Leiascully, Shutterbug_12, and Thedeadparrot.

   Doors clos(open)ing, by Yanjara     A New Classic, by Shutterbug_12

    Woodwinds, by Ticcy

Threesomes and Moresomes

One And Two

by bell

Amber decides to make Wilson happy by adding House to their relationship, and realizes that by doing so, she may have subtracted herself.

Pairing: Amber/House/Wilson

Rating: NC-17

Length: 31 900 words

Spoilers: Diverges from canon starting from episode 4.14 Living the Dream.

Author's Notes: I had a lot of help along the way! Kit and Rawiyaparand discussed with me the mechanics of the story and Amber characterization; Jougetsu, Anna, and Teresa11 read drafts and cheered me on; Oldblue and Alanwolfmoon pulled out their red pens and corrected my work. The fic is better because of their help.

   A Toast To Repression, by Licia     Do the MATH, by Aquatic Fishy


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