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With the launching of GREEN LA, we set the benchmark for turning Los Angeles into one of the greenest big cities in the nation and we are meeting that challenge:


LA met the Kyoto targets for reducing greenhouse gases, four years ahead of schedule; we’ve taken over 2,000 dirty diesel trucks off the road; we met our first target of getting 10% of our energy from  renewable sources; and we put into place a far-reaching green building program.


And Mayor Villaraigosa is tackling air pollution and water conservation head on with the Clean Air Action Plan and Securing LA’s Water Supply. With the Clean Air Action Plan and Securing LA's Water Supply, Mayor Villaraigosa is attacking air pollution and water conservation head-on.

Click to learn more about the Mayor's plans for the second term. 


The Clean Tech Corridor is the cornerstone of the Mayor’s vision to put Los Angeles at the forefront of the clean tech revolution and to transform the old, downtown industrial core into an incubator for green jobs, technology and the growth of LA’s economy.


The Clean Tech Corridor will bring together researchers, designers and manufacturers dedicated to the development of clean technology products and solutions to climate change challenges.  The Corridor will host the Clean Tech Manufacturing Center, the Clean Innovations Research Center and create the Cornfields Arroyo Seco neighborhood – a LEED community.


In 2007, the City adopted GREEN LA: An Action Plan to Lead the Nation in Fighting Global Warming and we have already hit a major milestone by meeting the Kyoto targets for reducing greenhouse gases, four years ahead of schedule.


GREEN LA goes further by setting the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent below 1990 levels by 2030; increasing the City’s use of renewable energy to 40 percent by 2020 and over 50 more initiatives that will reduce the City’s carbon footprint.




With the Clean Air Action Plan, Los Angeles is leading the fight to clean our air by reducing dirty emissions from the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which account for 20 percent of the toxic air emissions in the South Coast Air Basin, by 45 percent by 2011.


The City’s transformation of its fleet of vehicles – street sweepers, refuse trucks, buses and passenger vehicles – to alternative fuel vehicles is working to improve the air quality in Los Angeles.  



Despite an increase of more than 1 million people since the late 1980s, the City’s water consumption has remained steady. 


This is an impressive record that Mayor Villaraigosa is working to continue with his water conservation plan – Securing LA’s Water Supply – that puts Los Angeles on the path to meeting half of all new water demand by 2030 through conservation efforts and new technologies. 




Central to the Mayor’s environmental agenda is promoting good stewardship of the land as a means to a more sustainable future.  To meet this goal, Mayor Villaraigosa has challenged the City with opening thirty-five (35) new or expanded parks and increasing the City’s recycling, or diversion rate, to 70 percent during his administration.


And in 2006, the Mayor was very proud to help release the first flow of water in the Lower Owens River in 95 years.



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