The Royal Family of Prussia

House of Hohenzollern

HI & RH Prince Georg Friedrich

The Royal Family of Prussia does not have an official website.

Sovereigns of Prussia

HM King Friedrich I January 18th, 1701 February 25th, 1713
HM King Friedrich Wilhelm I February 25th, 1713 May 31st, 1740
HM King Friedrich II May 31st, 1740 August 17th, 1786
HM King Friedrich Wilhelm II August 17th, 1786 November 16th, 1797
HM King Friedrich Wilhelm III November 16th, 1797 June 7th, 1840
HM King Friedrich Wilhelm IV June 7th, 1840 January 2nd, 1861
HM King Wilhelm I January 2nd, 1861 March 9th, 1888
HM King Friedrich III March 9th, 1888 June 15th, 1888
HM King Wilhelm II June 15th, 1888 November 9th, 1918 (went into exile)

The Genealogy of the Royal Family of Prussia.

The Line of Succession to the Throne

  1. HRH Prince Christian Sigismund of Prussia (* March 14th, 1946)
  2. HRH Prince Christian Ludwig of Prussia (* May 16th, 1986)
  3. HRH Prince Wilhelm-Karl of Prussia (* January 30th, 1922)
  4. HRH Prince Wilhelm-Karl of Prussia (* August 26th, 1955)
  5. HRH Prince Oskar of Prussia (* May 6th, 1959)
  6. HRH Prince Oskar of Prussia (* November 29th, 1993)
  7. HRH Prince Albert of Prussia (* July 13th, 1998)
  8. HRH Prince Franz Wilhelm of Prussia (* September 3rd, 1943)
  9. HRH Prince Friedrich Karl of Prussia (* March 13th, 1919)

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