The Royal Family of Portugal

House Bragança

HRH The Duke of Bragança with his wife and children

The official website of the Royal Family of Portugal: Casa Real Portuguesa. (In Portuguese only)

Sovereigns of Portugal since 1640

HM King João IV December 1st, 1640 November 6th, 1565
HM King Afono VI November 6th, 1565 September 12th, 1683
HM King Pedro II September 12th, 1683 December 9th, 1706
HM King João V December 9th, 1706 July 31st, 1750
HM King José I July 31st, 1750 February 24th, 1777
HM King Pedro III February 24th, 1777 March 5th, 1786
HM Queen Maria I February 24th, 1777 March 20th, 1816
HM King João VI March 20th, 1816 March 10th, 1826
HM King Pedro IV March 10th, 1826 April 29th, 1826 (abdicated)
HM Queen Maria II April 29th, 1826 August 11th, 1828 (deposed)
HM King Miguel I August 11th, 1828 1834 (deposed)
HM Queen Maria II
(second reign)


November 15th, 1853
HM King Pedro V November 15th, 1853 November 11th, 1861
HM King Luíz I November 11th, 1861 October 19th, 1889
HM King Carlos I October 19th, 1889 February 1st, 1908
HM King Manoel II February 1st, 1908 October 5th, 1910 (deposed)

The Genealogy of the Royal Family of Portugal.

The Line of Succession to the Throne

  1. HRH Afonso Infant of Portugal, Prince de Beira (* March 25th, 1996)
  2. HRH Dinis Infant of Portugal (* November 25th, 1999)
  3. HRH Francisca Infanta of Portugal (* March 3rd, 1997)
  4. HRH Miguel Infant of Portugal, Duke de Viseu (* December 3rd, 1946)
  5. HRH Henrique Infant of Portugal, Duke de Coimbra (* November 6th, 1949)

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