The Original
All-in-One Slimline Washable Pads

Welcome to Wemoon!

Wemoon ® offers you glorious comfort and absolute absorbency in reusable cloth menstrual pads. Whatever your size, shape or protection needs, there are gorgeous styles, colours and fabrics just for you! Wemoon is the healthy, natural alternative to toxic disposable sanitary products. Choosing cloth saves you money and lets you take care of your health and the earth every month!

  • effective absorbency
  • reassuring leakproof layer
  • comfortable, lightweight, body-hugging styles
  • healthy, safe, hygienic fabrics
  • long-lasting, easy wear, wash and care
  • an environmentally-caring and money-saving choice

Wemoon's unique "All-in-One"design fits easily and snugly over your panty gusset.

These beautiful, natural feminine hygiene products come to you from Susan Powell and the dedicated women of Wemoon who share her vision for the better health of women and of the earth.

Wemoon understands the importance of respecting our bodies and our cycles. We encourage women to discover the empowerment of healthy periods by choice. The Wemoon range of cloth menstrual pads offers this choice and addresses women's concerns.

Wemoon is women caring about women.

Why switch to cloth?

"I feel independent and empowered. I'm saving money. They're soft and pretty and easy to clean." Liane Simons, Life Coach, Australia more testimonials

Wemoon for incontinence