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Bible vs. The Book of Mormon
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May 06, 2007
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Utah and National issues, religion, politics, and all of the other 'no-no' topics that most polite conversations do not speak about. It's time to drop the apathy and make progress.

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Student of religion, student of western history, student of Utah history, student of Mormonism and Mormon history.
Reggae music enthusiast, old punk rocker, admirer of musical talents.
Freelancer in all things that I pursue.
United States
Radio, electronics, theology
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'The Jewish Bible', both Old Testament and New Testament with Hebrew names of people and locations, and a Hebrew/English concordance. Its a new book that I got that is a direct translation from ancient manuscripts that are available.
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Not really.

Hey, have you ever kept a journal? I always have.

Whats more telling, is how Joseph Smith can ..."
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Notice all of t..."
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slu2com (3 months ago)
marcopolo8765 , you're a total nutter. You and I just got done arguing a few points about the LDS church. You know I have no intention of ever re-joining that church. Religion is man-made (its a country club). A relationship with Jesus is true faith. Peace!
marcopolo8765 (3 months ago)
So I hear you've got a baptism date to become LDS. I can't wait to see the changes in your life once you have accepted Christ. You know almost everyone really is LDS they just don't know it yet. I love it when people start using the blessing Christ has for them now though instead of after there gone. Can I ask you when the date will be?
slu2com (3 months ago)
Jesus inspires me daily. I made a lot of videos here, many are about how Jesus inspired me.

Remember when Jesus went into the temple with a whip and turned over the table of the money changers?

Remember Matthew 10:38-42 ? Read it again.

Praises to the King of Kings!
mormontube (4 months ago)
Hmm, I thought you would spread the gospel here. I love Jesus Christ.
zacideamus (5 months ago)
Ditto. Your misleading hate speech against the mormons will profit you nothing and sincere seekers will see through it. No wonder the record straightener owned you last year as you were unable to counter his points as he countered yours.
davidandrewbahr (6 months ago)
Your wasting your time hating Mormons when you could use that time consrtuctively. You can believe what ever you want. I think compassion is the only way and I'm upset that so called Christians like you seem to be involved in some sort of fundamentalism that makes your God an idol of hate. Please stop wasting your time with this hate
davidandrewbahr (6 months ago)
Incidents like this happened when a political agenda hijacks a religion causing fundamentalism of some kind which through history has always lead to violence, and of course has nothing to do with the basic teaching or doctrines of the said religion. A current example of this kind of violence is the fundamentalist movements in both Islam and Christianity which is making God an idol of violence by hijacking their respective religions. The lack of compassion I see from so called Christian fundamentalists and evangelicals is staggering and akin to fundamentalism in Islam. Compassion is the only answer.
davidandrewbahr (6 months ago)
As far as what happened at mountain meadows I have read both sides of this history as well. A involuntary state of war existed between Mormons and the state of Missouri at this time. Based on this fact and the knowledge that some of the Fancher-Baker emigrant wagon train included those who murdered many Mormons and were threatening further such actions by bring more of that lot through the Utah territory. To me what happened at mountain meadows is not surprising at all. The fact is that the United States sent U.S. troops out against the Mormons shortly after the mountain meadows incident on account of polygamy is further proof of the involuntary state of war that existed. Lest we forget the U.S. army had its own blunders like Wounded Knee, The puritans had the Salem which trials, and the Catholics had the inquisition.  There are further proofs of mans inhumanity to man most of the time of a highly political nature.
davidandrewbahr (6 months ago)
I have read them for myself so your scanned pages me nothing to me. The 1830 addition of the Book of Mormon is still not as good as the original hand written transcription from the mouth of the prophet himself. Anyone will be able to read these for themselves soon at the church history museum in Salt Lake City if it is not already available online it soon will be. Go see it and read it for your self; I have and I know the truth of what I speak. How is this emotional? I still believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. This is not a trial. We are not in a court this is you tube. The point is if you want to find out for your self you can. Seek and ye shall find.
davidandrewbahr (6 months ago)
Of course changes have taken place in the Book of Mormon to bring it as close to the original text translated by Joseph Smith as possible. How many times has the Bible been translated? Where are the lost books? What about the dead sea scrolls? I have read them and these are very different from todays Bible and fall in line more closely with what I believe as a Mormon. I have seen the original transcription of the Book of Mormon hand written by those who listened to Joseph Smith translate.  My brother in law took pictures of it with his digital camera in Salt Lake City the last time it was allowed to be seen before it was sent to be put in permanent preservation. I find no disparaging faults between these originals and the current copies of the Book of Mormon being printed.
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