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Here's a not-so-secret secret about us dogs. We LIVE for doggie treats! They're one of the main reasons we do all those cool things for you—come, sit, beg, heel, stay, get out of the flower garden! Oh, we love to make you happy no matter what, but if there's not a treat at the end of whatever it is you've asked us to do, we're really disappointed. We may not show it, and we'll get over it quickly, but it makes us question ourselves. Did we do it wrong? Wasn't it good enough? To keep us from losing our self-esteem, we should be getting a combination of healthy, all-natural and organic dog treats, gourmet dog treats, and when we're giving it our all during an obedience training session, you should have some training dog treats in your pocket. Remember, we bring you treats from time to time (like pine cones and sticks and other stuff we dig up in the yard) because you do so much for us. Treats bring us all joy!
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showing items 1 - 24 of 40