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E-motion Roller

E-Motion Rollers are one of the most revolutionary training devices to hit the cycling world since...well since the Super Trainer.  Borrowing technology from our revolutionary Super Trainer Treadmill, we've created rollers that move with you. The result is a set of rollers that are much easier and fun to ride, and give you a better, more life-like workout--and are safer than traditional rollers

E-Motions around the Globe!

E-Motion rollers are being ridden 'round the globe.

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Other trainer companies may think that they are the benchmark for indoor bicycle training, but E-motion rollers have come along to set a new standard against which all indoor bicycle training devices will now be measured.  We call it FREE MOTION cycling and you  can only get it on our trainers...or outside! This is a major advance for indoor cycling and is the missing link between those locked-down conventional trainers and REAL RIDING. But they're not just for roller riders!  They are the perfect replacement for any trainer because you ride YOUR OWN BIKE and STEER and BALANCE just like outside. Best of all no special skills are needed. If you can ride a bike, you can ride these!

When you have seen what you can do and are convinced these are what you need to take your cycling to the next level…or just to keep you riding during cold, wet months…stop by our Online Store and order a set for yourself today for only $795.

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 Want to train with power? Check out the Interactive Power Calculator spreadsheet.

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 A Message from Inside Ride
 "Don't let a shaky economy keep you from enjoying the best indoor cycling experience ever!  When you can't ride outdoors, our Free-Motion system becomes a necessity.   Any bike becomes useless without a place to ride...and no conventional trainer or roller can provide true cycling the way we do.  Emotion rollers save you time and money. You'll cut your winter bike maintenance to practically nothing and you'll get quality time in the saddle no matter what the weather is. You can ride your "good" bike all winter because the rollers won't tweak your frame the way other trainers do.  We're so confident you'll love the E-motion and ride it 2-3 times more than any previous trainer, we'll buy it back if you aren't extremely satisfied."


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