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Glenn Beck: Progressives Are Like Slave Owners

Published October 22, 2009 @ 07:47AM PT

I hate to write about Glenn Beck. You see, I usually prefer to pretend I live in a sane, sensible world where people like Glenn Beck are pitied and indulged, as opposed to aired on television. However, I just couldn't pass up to over-the-top comedic value in the latest phlegm nugget of wisdom he coughed up: progressives are like slave owners because they both want people to be dependent on them.

I shouldn't need to point out that Beck's theory follows the same thread of logic as assuming that a gun and a dishwasher can be used interchangeably because they are both things you load. Slave owners, historically and today, don't want people to be dependent on them. They want people to make them buckets and buckets of money. And slave owners don't ask people to make them buckets of money -- they force them to do it. Progressives don't want people to be dependent on them either. They want a healthy economy where people have the resources they need to be self-sufficient. Saying that progressives are like slave-owners is like saying pizza is like cuddling or the Black Sea is like Pride and Prejudice.

Beck's searing, if nonsensical, criticism of progressives stems from a story about several thousand people in Detroit who stood in line to receive stimulus checks which turned out to be rumor. Beck mocks them for their false hope in this recession, and then calls the progressives who would support them "slave owners." Most of the people who stood in those lines were African-American, and some of them descended from actual slaves. For many them, the legacy of slavery still affects their everyday life. So please, Beck, don't pull worthless analogies out of your butt and fling them, like a monkey with excess poo, over the airwaves. You're insulting people for whom the reality of slavery as a past and present phenomenon is real and painful. And you're surprising no one by continuing to be a dogmatic, myopic, jerk.

Oh, and be careful when you load your dishwasher tonight. You wouldn't want to get two such different things confused again.



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Comments (8)

  1. Cherokee Fred Jesus

    I have never watched beck and more than likely will not. Believe it or not there is a segment of this country that profits for our division.....you know the old united we win divided we fail to have change......beck to me is just the front man that represent this faction that profits from our division.....I could name the ones that want to ensue we do not totally unite using hate, racism, and bigotry to insure they continue to feed on us........you find out who they are not enought room on this post...

    Posted by Cherokee Fred Jesus on 10/22/2009 @ 08:29AM PT

  2. Roger Anderson

    Glenn Beck is the epitomy of the dumbing down of America. He is the Pied Piper of those who are unable to think or formulate ideas in their own minds. Critical thinking has become a lost art in our country, otherwise FOX NOISE would have no viewers. The fact that FOX and other conservative media spewers of misinformation, hate and bigotry have such huge audiences is cause for great concern.

    Posted by Roger Anderson on 10/22/2009 @ 12:41PM PT

  3. Fred Frankenberg

    Agreed. Glen Beck is at the same time highly comical due to the inane nature of the cluttering airwaves he emits and scary because there are people who believe that if it's on TV, it has been researched, verified and true.

    I have a dream... of a world where education has made extinct the belief in ideas of people like Beck.

    Posted by Fred Frankenberg on 10/22/2009 @ 01:03PM PT

  4. Heather Windsor

    I agree heartily with Roger.  There is a knee jerk, mindless meaness to Beck's commentary.  He has no interest in spreading light, only heat.  It is so cynical that he and other commentators like him will revile our lawfully elected President in a way that ultimately only demeans himself.  Honest disagreement honestly expressed is one thing, but his particular example of Beck's poison is racist, classist, and just plain unkind.  Shame on him!

    Posted by Heather Windsor on 10/22/2009 @ 03:06PM PT

  5. Oceania OZ

    imo he's more suited to stand-up comedian as a calling

    Posted by Oceania OZ on 10/22/2009 @ 08:39PM PT

  6. Laurie Walker


    I commented on this, and copied my comments over to my blog here:


    The comments made by Cherokee Fred to this article really resonated with me, particularly as I just finished my big long rant about Fox and their agenda to divide...

    He who is loudest is being heard... but I try to believe in my heart of hearts that it's simply MORE propaganda!  Meta-propaganda, if you will!  It projects onto us the impression that there are tons of these people who buy into the hype and support the agenda of the right... the status quo.  I think there are far more level headed people than there are "crazies", and the completely disinterested people still outnumber us all... There is a MASSIVE Apathetic market they are trying to win over in preparation for the next election, so they can get another Greedy Oppositional Profiteer in office.  This propaganda is all about grooming the public for the next presidential election...

    As it stands, I have HOPE.  Our last election makes me doubt this "force", as do many of the views I read here! 

    Keep on making sense of it all people!! :)

    Posted by Laurie Walker on 10/23/2009 @ 08:14AM PT

  7. Thomas McHugh

    Glen beck is like all the other idiots on fake news...

    Outdated, worn out stupidity that unfortunatly is still being bought by the real whackos in america...

    Posted by Thomas McHugh on 10/25/2009 @ 02:37PM PT

  8. Tamara Fredriksen

    This is no different than the rumors and speculations discussed on CNN and MSNBC financial shows which make the stock market rise and fall...SHEEPLE....


    Posted by Tamara Fredriksen on 10/30/2009 @ 06:50PM PT

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