Licensing Program

The Soverain patents and related technologies have been widely adopted, as demonstrated by hundreds of commerce-enabled websites built based on the Transact e-commerce system, as well as patent licenses dating back to 2000.

Licenses to Soverainís patents are generally available on a non-exclusive basis under reasonable terms and conditions to licensees who respect Soverainís intellectual property.

Soverainís licensing program is currently focused on licensing our core e-commerce technology, including U.S. Patent Nos. 5,708,780; 5,715,314; 5,909,492; 5,724,424; 6,049,785; 6,195,649; 6,199,051; and 6,205,437. These patents cover key aspects of ecommerce, including a Web-based sales system, an interactive virtual shopping cart system, Web-based payment technology, a URL-based system for session identification and management, and hypertext statements. Licensees include, Inc.,, Inc., Gap, Inc., Intershop Communications, Inc., and Johnson & Johnson.

Soverainís licensing program is subject to change at any time without notice, and may vary to conform to applicable laws.