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    posted by Matt - Mon Nov 2 2009, 5:19 AM PST

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    Dakota shows off her skills as a member of the Vikings cheerleading squad. Dakota Fanning is just your typical teenage girl. Well, kinda. Despite being Hollywood's highest-paid star under 16, the award-winning actress has succeeded at maintaining a semi-normal life as a real-life high school student in a suburb of Los Angeles. And, when she isn't off shooting a film in an exotic locale or running across the country promoting her latest project -- the highly-anticipated "New Moon" -- Dakota simply likes to hang out with her gal pals and get her cheer on.

    Fanning takes flight!

    In fact, this past weekend, Dakota showed off her impressive tumbling skills at a Friday night football game. But, it wasn't just any football game; it was Homecoming. And, not only did the teen titan fly high ("Bring It On"-style), she was also elected to her school's Homecoming Court as a Princess ... bouquet and all.

    With a hunky jock for an escort, a Homecoming crown, a stellar resume, and a promising career on the big screen ahead of her, Dakota is living the dream.

    Let's just hope she doesn't end up like Lohan.

    Do you think Dakota was royally embarrassed to be crowned?

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