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is online. Alex is crawling this site.
  • Reverend Ryan : See the top menu for recent and future changes
  • Reverend Ryan : A couple of new link Cannabis for Cancer «link» and Cannabis Religion «link»
  • Reverend Ryan : Now, people can use their Facebook credentials to easily register and/or login to xCannabis. Using "Facebook Connect" a service offered by Facebook to allow you to only need one username and pasword for a variety of sites.
  • Reverend Ryan : Check the bottom, for the new toolbar. Has some great ways to "spread the herb"
  • Reverend Ryan : Thanks for stoppin in bro!
  • Reverend Ryan : Thanks man! I hope everything is showing up. On one computer I am seeing the old site, and on the other I am seeing the new site.
  • RevRayGreen : looking good xCann
  • Reverend Ryan : We are officially back up, with a new server and a new look. Enjoy
  • Reverend Ryan : We are still completing some of the maintenance steps. The site will remain up and running meanwhile. If there is any unexpected down time, it is semi-expected. I just dont know when for sure.
  • Reverend Ryan : We'll be back up soon.!
  • Reverend Ryan : We are going down for maintenance.
  • Reverend Ryan : BTW- Your post is still showing up, you can see it above the chat box in "LATEST". I'll put it back in the Featured section when we can clean it up a bit more. With the pictures and such.
  • Reverend Ryan : The image needs to be 350x200
  • Reverend Ryan : You can see the size of the image by > Right Clicking < on it, and then go to > Properties < it will tell you something like 180x100 or whatever.
  • Reverend Ryan : When you go to that URL of the image, you will see exactly how big it is.
  • Reverend Ryan : Here is what you do. Just copy that URL and paste it into a browser like this: «link»
  • Adam : 'it's hard to get it right when I can't preview the front page.
  • Adam : Those "origional" pics were plenty big enough, I'll try it again later
  • Reverend Ryan : I think you might be choosing to make your image a "thumbnail" when you upload the image. If you choose to have the site resize the image, then it will only be a fraction of it's original size.
  • Reverend Ryan : Also, same with the image for the other post. It's 200px × 150px, needs to be at least 350 x 200.
  • Reverend Ryan : Smaller images won't work. Bigger images will work.
  • Reverend Ryan : Hey man, that Arnold image is way too small. It needs to be 350x200, and it's only 145px × 132px
  • Adam : Ok Ryan, I think they are all fixed up now.
  • Reverend Ryan : Hey Adam, Im going to hide your post until you're done with it. It's making the front page look jacked up. Now there is no video for the featured post, and the image is the wrong size. So I'll just hide it until it's all finished tomorrow.
  • Reverend Ryan : Just use the embed code from the video, go to the bottom, and change it. Or give me a link and I will change it
  • Reverend Ryan : Adam, hey man, find a video that you want to add. You can change it yourself at the bottom of the post.
  • Adam : Can we chat about the video that appears next to my "thanks" post? Not sure I dig the one thats there...
  • Adam : Whats up with the big blank spot beside the post?
  • Reverend Ryan : Looking good! I added tags, titles, and accompanying vids. Thanks for the contribution bro!!
  • Adam : Finished the first one, Hve no clue how it will look with the new site format....
  • Adam : No, I writing someting now
  • Reverend Ryan : Hey man, I saw something that you posted, but it didn't have any content.
  • Reverend Ryan : Right on man. I'll check for new posts. I have a post approval software installed. So you won't see it show up right away.
  • Adam : OK Ryan here I go...
  • Adam : Lets see if we can get the crew back together and cover some of this MJ news!

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What is xCannabis about?

It was a name that we decided for several reasons.

1.  There are very few cool cannabis domain names left.  At least cool domains that are .com’s which I prefer.  So xCannabis was decided on the following.

  • We (the webmasters Ryan and Kimberly) are followers of Christ, and things that are “Christian” can go by things like Xmas.  (i.e. the cross)
  • We see a representation of a multiplication symbol in the X of xCannabis.  To “to multiply knowledge and understanding of the cannabis plant”
  • We are of ‘generation X”.

What we are about?

  • Our civil rights under the constitution
  • Raising our children in a free nation
  • We are active in voting pro-legalization and pro National Initiative policies
  • We express ourselves through visual, poetic and musical arts.  A lot of the designs on xCannabis.com are the work of either Ryanor Kim.
  • We enjoy socializing with other greenies.

Since xCann’s start in August 2008, we have grown and changed significantly.

We now have spots for 4 editors, all of which are currently filled.  We will rotate editors every year or so.  We want to keep the blog fresh, and that will allow for more growth.
We also have around one dozen authors, and several contributors.  Our forums blew up over the last couple of months, and we love to see the growth!  Places like Idaho, Utah, and Arizona are being effected by the message we are bringing which in some ways is breaking new ground.  We also have people in Texas, Washington, Oregon, New York, California, New Mexico and places that I can’t remember right now.   We have a lot of foreign visitors too according to the traffic software.   Big shout out to our Canadian friends!

If you have any suggestions on how xCannabis can become better, please email us:

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