Vote No on TABOR II

There's a simple reason that we rejected TABOR the first time it was on the ballot and that's because it was a bad idea pushed by out of state special interests.

Now, in a bad economy, it's an even worse idea.

TABOR II imposes rigid limits that will hurt education, health care and other special services, and it will require expensive elections for even minor tax and spending increases. TABOR II was a bad idea three years ago, and it's a worse idea today, because it will make it even harder to dig our way out of this recession. 


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Another Colorado Republican comes to Maine to share their concerns about TABOR II:

Kristi Hargrove is a Republican small business owner, mom, and PTA leader from Colorado. She's so passionate about TABOR and educating others about the damages it can do to education, health care, and communities, that she came to Maine to tour the state, talk to media, and share her experience with TABOR.

Click here to listen to her interview on WGAN Radio: