Forgiveness is the Key that Unlocks the Door

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When you are attacked, forgive your attackers, for they know not what they do. When you mess up, forgive yourself, even if you know that you shouldn’t be doing what you are doing. Forgiveness is the key that unlocks the door.

The interesting thing (and it is fascinating, because it also connects to principles in quantum physics) about being attacked is that it only weakens the person who is attacking you. The attack only weakens you if you attach yourself to what your attacker is doing or saying. If you can resist the attachment, and you can resist retaliation, that is the greatest revenge of all, because it will drive those after you mad with envy. They will see quite clearly that you are free, and that they do not have power over you. Power is what they seek, and this acquisition will be at your expense. If they turn up the energy on their attacks when you do not respond, it is only a sign that you, in the grace of God’s Light and standing in real freedom, are correct in your understanding.

Have compassion for the weakness in someone that tells them that, by destroying you, they will find happiness. Perhaps they feel that, by annihilating you, they will find peace. Peace can never come from darkness. Its affects can never last, and it is for the vampires to be bound forever to the suppression of Love and Light.

Imagine waking up every day, feeling that it is something ‘out there’ that keeps you from feeling content. Maybe you feel this right now, be it a spouse, or a parent, or a co-worker, or a situation in which you feel powerless. Please know that happiness is a choice, and that you can choose to be happy right now. Even if you are the most miserable wretch on the planet, stop the train for one second, take a deep breath, and just let in a little light. There is nothing desperate about wanting to be happy. Feel the shift inside you when you let peace reign in your kingdom, for this is your system’s recognition that it hungers for what it was designed to do: to be integrated and working at maximum efficiency.

As I expand my vibrational signature upon this planet, I both matter more and less at the same time; I mean more to a few, and less to a few, but the total result is more Light, more Love, more Peace. If I can be free, anyone can. The system of death that rejects me only confirms my ego’s deepest suspicion: that I do not matter, and that I will be forgotten. Life on Earth is called a rat race for a reason.

I forgive myself for not meaning more, being more, saying more, doing more. I AM that I AM. If I choose happiness in this moment, it also means I accept my long list of limitations: I do not have the ability to fly thru the air, I cannot save all the babies from dying, I can’t sing a high A note, no matter how hard I try. There are, of course, many more limitations, but those are the ones that come to mind at the moment.

I forgive myself for all the dumb, silly things I have done. I forgive myself for all the dumb, silly things I haven’t done. I could explain each mistake to you point by point, but it would only attach me to your judgment and forgiveness. I could defend myself of all I stand accused of, but that would only make me guilty. After all, why would I defend myself at all? The act of defense alone would indicate some form of acknowledgment, wouldn’t it? That is the way it works in a system that knows no justice and no forgiveness. You stand accused for crimes against humanity, and they barely have the time to tell you why.

God knows my heart, just as God knows your heart. So, what if God is nothing but a cold computer, calculating nothing but raw physics and karma? Wouldn’t you rather be worthy of Love than demanding of it? If you answer no to that last question, then you are in the wrong place. You would be better served going to your door, because there is a big wolf waiting for you there, and he is known to be quite impatient.

The Apocalypse

On the Run

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Do you feel, like I do, that time is accelerating? Do you feel like an hour just isn’t an hour anymore, but more, let’s say, like 57 min in equal measurement? All my close friends and family feel the same way. There is a growing belief amongst the new age/mystical world that time is moving quicker.

One book that I read attributes it to the approaching date in 2012, but the author, Barbara Hand Clow, says that, based on her calculations, the end times date is actually October 28th. 2011. I say the ‘end times’, because that is what right-wing Christians refer to them as, as in, The End Times starring Jesus Christ and Angelina Jolie. The END, as in, the rapture and the big judgment and the big END-ing. So, we will appropriate the term for our own use, and leave the scary stuff for the experts.

I said to my best friend yesterday, “Well, all those other civilizations thought they were living in The End Times, but lucky for us, we actually are.” You should know my friends don’t like to hear me talk like that, joking or not, because they suspect I may be right. It certainly is the end of this fear-based consciousness. Those who are in control know it too; that’s why they continue to turn up the fear – louder, louder, till your ears are gonna burst. So, what do the ‘End Times’ mean to me?

One source that gave me a unique perspective was a channel who shall remain nameless, a channel who connected with an alien spirit/intelligence. I came to meet this particular entity through a friend of a friend. I was at a party and I mentioned to my friend that I needed to meet someone who had been abducted by U.F.Os. The lady behind me dipping a chip said to me, “I have been abducted since I was a little girl.”

This wonderful lady took me to hear the channel speak. After the transmission, people were invited to get up and ask the alien consciousness questions. My favourite question was, “Did Jesus really die on the cross?” His answer was very interesting and opened up a school of thought in my brain heretofore unexplored. He said it depends on who you ask, because, to some, Jesus did not die on the cross, and, to others, He did die on the cross. He explained it in terms of quantum physics and parallel realities: there are an infinite number of Earths, and, depending on your vibrational consciousness, you would attract yourself to the reality that most matched your belief system. So, those who believed, or needed to believe in Jesus being crucified, saw it happen. I, for one, believe it did happen, so I must need to believe that He did.

The channel went on to speak about The End of the World here as we know it. He said that those here with a stuck vibration will get the movie they want, which is the ‘full special FX’ version with mountains heaving and oceans hurling, while the rest will see this planet transition to a peaceful place. He also added that the souls that just don’t want to grow up will not re-incarnate here, but will instead be placed on a different planet that is, in essence, back to the Stone Age, caveman time, where they will be given another opportunity to learn about Love.

I, for one, vote for a happy planet with a happy ending.


Peace at All Costs

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If the goal of Divinity is eternal and everlasting peace, can it be obtained at any and all costs? The point of asking this question is: what is worth sacrificing in yourself for peace?

Honestly, before I dive down this path, I must admit to you that it is a flawed question to ask; there is nothing worth sacrificing for peace! I shall explain why forthwith.

I don’t believe in compromises, and I don’t mean that in a bratty way. Referring to the maxim that “God’s will is your will,” I would point out that nothing holy is a compromise. If you compromise with a partner, all you are doing is sacrificing some part of your authenticity. You should willingly become a prisoner of Love, for there is no judge and there is no jailer with a broken key. The cell door is left open, and you can leave anytime you wish.

So, when I say nothing is worth sacrificing for peace, what I’m really saying is that you already have peace. Why bargain for something you already have within you? It is you who prevents a peaceful state of mind with false beliefs and concepts of compromise. So, it’s an unfair question to ask, because it is a trick question.

It is also a flawed question because you shouldn’t see your life as needing any sacrifice in any form. Your life is a gift that God gave you to figure out that you don’t need to fight for freedom, because He has already given it to you. You don’t need to negotiate for peace, because He has already planted the seed in your heart. So the answer is, “There is no price I will pay for peace,” for there is no sacrifice that needs to be made by you. Is sacrificing a false idea a sacrifice at all?

I am guilty of often sacrificing myself to a relationship that seems (at least in my mind) to need a diminished version of me. In essence, the smaller I get, the more harmonious the inter-relating. I nobly tell myself that I am sacrificing myself for Love, and that nothing could be more honorable than to do so. The truth is, you owe it to the people you love to not get small, to not hide your strength of brilliance. The Sun shines brightly always, even when the clouds are above us.

If you do not grant yourself the grace of self-love, you will not have peace. If you do not find peace in yourself, you will not be able to share it with a beloved. If you find your peace in another, you will grow resentful that you are tied to them for such simple nourishment. What makes sense is that, unless you show the person you love all of you, they will never have the opportunity to love all of you. You can give them peace of mind by demonstrating that you have not lost perspective, and have not forgotten that only God can give you what you seek.

LAX - Long hallway of nothing

Steps Across the Way

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God is calling to you from every door. Each face that passes you, every child you hear crying from the window, and every gnaw of hunger you feel in your stomach is a direct message from God for you to return home. What would happen to you if you listened? What would be lost if you gave up walking the wrong direction?

7 billion sheep and counting, each one of us screaming louder than the next. “Love me,” we bleat thru social networks and cigarette butts; “Please remember that I was here.”

Pick out just about any random person’s page on MySpace or Facebook, and look objectively at what they are really saying. The message is clear: “LOOK, I am here, and I am important.” If you know you are important, why are you shouting?

Watch someone who smokes in their car at a stoplight. They sit by themselves, knowing full well they are poisoning their body. When they finish their cigarette, they throw it out the window. Who do they expect to clean up after them? They are happy to leave a trace of their existence somewhere.

I do not judge anyone anymore, if I can help it. I feel bad for my screaming brothers and sisters. I feel bad for anyone I can’t stop from poisoning themselves with smoke, or meth, or booze, or dope, or TV. I am powerless to stop this destruction, and it hurts. I am not God. I am only me.

I judge myself plenty. Trust me when I say I don’t need you to judge me. If I have any weakness of judgment outside of myself, it is that I severely dislike posers; souls in this world who do a very good job at convincing you they are someone that they are not. I must accept that the world needs actors upon which to hoist its sublimated desires for the working man, the honest man, the willing nymph, purity. I will try harder to forgive that which hurts me to watch.

God is just out my back door, yet I choose not to visit. I would rather sit alone and scheme on how to be remembered, on what more that I can do here to cement the evidence that I once walked these roads with you. It is a futile exercise. I know it is, and yet I persist.

Being the messenger means I get to read the messages too, and I am often surprised at the simplicity of the directives: “Love. Forgive. Accept. Live!” I am a not-so-secret intellectual. This brain contains plenty of puzzle-making materials, and certainly plenty of the reckless Raymond Chandler detective archetype, the one who will do anything (and I mean anything!) to crack the case. But nothing need be built, and nothing need be solved. God is right THERE. *cue God reveal music*

I point to you and you point to me, and together we mouth, “Is that God?” “It can’t be”, I say. “It is!!”, you say as you tug on my sleeve. God is tuning up his ‘54 Les Paul, and it is the most beautiful sound you ever heard. God is Everywhere. He is the best guitar player ever.

Next time you talk with someone you love, try listening to them as if it is God Himself talking directly to you. See if you can pick up what the real message is that God wants you to hear. Allow yourself to figure that God is using that person in front of you as His instrument to get thru to you. Let the message come thru their love. Accept that maybe He has something important to tell you.

Let God speak to you thru the person sitting alone at the stoplight. Let Him say to you, “Look, they choose to be alone, because they are hurt,” or, “Look, they choose to be alone, because they are so angry at the world.” Watch them throw out their last cigarette of loneliness, and know that you are the one they hope will remember them, that you are the one God asks to pick up after them.


Living with the Unseen

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Love is not something you can see, nor touch. You can not build a house on Love, nor can you launch it in an attack. Love cannot be bought or sold, nor can it be traded. Love is simply unseen.

If you replace the word Love with the word God, a different context comes to mind using the same ideas:

God is not something you can see, nor touch. You can not build a house on God, nor can you launch it in an attack. God cannot be bought or sold, nor can God be traded. God is simply unseen.

You, however, can be seen. You can build and destroy, kill or pray. You can build up to tear down, you can pray forth to kill your prey. You are quite visible.

Assuming everything that we consider alive in this 3rd dimensional reality can be seen, there is a lot to be distracted by. What place does the unseen presence of God or Love have in a world where so much is readily at hand?

We use the word Love all the time; “I loved that movie,” “I love the way you walk,” “I love ice cream.” Replace those same sentences with God, and see what you get; “I God that movie,” “I God the way you walk, “I God ice cream” – doesn’t make any sense, nor should it. Nor should the words, “I God you.”

I must accept that I cannot prove God to you, nor can I prove God to myself. It is either a knowing-ness or it isn’t. Even if Buddha showed up on Fox News later today, by 10pm tonight there would be a special report: “Buddha? Is he Real?” It would be sensible to ask, “Is this really Buddha come back to Earth?”, wouldn’t it. Even when the unseen becomes seen, we don’t really believe, for we need the constancy of proof.

We love a body: a partner, an animal, a child. Yet, that body cannot prove to us forever that it is real, for it will leave us thru death, or we shall leave it. That, as they say in science, is a given (at this point).

So, loving the physical nature does us no good; it is an investment in the finite. If we Love God, we Love the infinite. If we allow ourselves to Love the God in each one of us, the unshakable soul within, then we also invest in the inevitable truth, for that part of us cannot die.

You do not Love anyone so much as you Love what moment God has given you in appreciation of the Now – your Now, the Now you are in. When I say, “I Love You,” if it is from the heart, it acknowledges both the temporal and the non-temporal aspects of life as we know it right now. I am Here, you are There, and God is Everywhere.


Doris Day as a teacher

Flying High Again

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I’m currently flying at 37,000 feet and yet, I don’t know where I’m going. I could tell you my ultimate place of destination, but what’s the fun in that? You’d only be guessing why I’m traveling there. Trust me; I don’t know where I’m going.

Most of us think we know where we are headed (and why), but if you look back, you’ll see a pretty clear pattern that our well-designed plans almost never work out the way we had first intended. I’m sure you’ve heard that common saying, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.” It’s kind of true in the joke’s intention, but honestly, I don’t think God laughs at any of Us, ever. I have a pretty strong intuition though that He is laughing along with us.

When I was a boy in school, I always sat in the front row. In one class in particular, there was a large poster that hung just in front of me. It featured a cartoon boy looking like the life of the party, and, in big, bold letters underneath it, it said, “They aren’t laughing with you, they are laughing at you.” It seemed at the time that they made that poster for me. I don’t recall the class clearly because of the poster though; I remember the class fondly because the teacher was quite pretty. I still remember her name almost 30 years later.

Wherever Ms. Padilla is now, I hope she’s not laughing at me anymore. I’ve kept her memory faithfully alive, as well as countless thousands of other images, symbols, and faces I have met along the way. I honor them all best by thanking them humbly for their service, or their care, or the wounds they chose to inflict on me with glee. I can forgive them fully, because I know now their wounds are not real, and that such perceived wounds cannot last. Time + God heals all of that.

There is a thought in the physics of vibrational consciousness that you attract that which you fear the most. Are you able to recognize what you vibrate dissonantly to, and therefore, thru reverse engineering, identify what your real fears are? I like to tell people who come to me for help that it is OK to be afraid. Being afraid is rarely the problem. What is usually the problem has plenty to do with what we are most afraid to admit we are afraid of. As they say, “Denial is not a river in Egypt!” Every problem in the Universe can be traced back to one problem alone: inner shame because of our decision to be separate from God.

To be apart or to move away from the Source is to seek Love where it cannot be found. Ye who seeketh Everlasting Love from man will not find it in that way – in the ways of co-dependence and submission. Please, be servile to the One who made you, who allows you to be, who thru Grace has given you the spark of desire. Serve the One who breathes life again and again into your lungs.

God knows where you are going, and it isn’t to Hell, though it might sometimes feel that way. Some could say that we are already paying the price for Hell living on this planet, but it’s not true; life is wonderful. Fly free, fly happy. Be OK with not knowing anything at all.

Cello Woman


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The beauty of life is that it never stops. Life moves with or without you, and eventually we all figure out, one way or another, what we are missing by trying to stand still. If we are lucky, we get that this life won’t wait for us before we find out that its too late. If we aren’t so lucky, at least we leave this place fully conscious of what we have missed. Either way, lucky or unlucky, we all mourn for what we don’t have time to get to. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

You can slow down time if you want. You can savor every moment of today if you really want to. If you are disconnected inside, sure, you might have an easier time of it; when the boss is talking, it makes it that much easier to zone out. But you’ll miss the sway of the trees as you walk by, the same sway that would have brought you back to a happy moment, alone in a field somewhere. The birds sing for you, but you just won’t hear it. My point is, listening to the boss means you get to hear the birds.

Beauty is everywhere; it calls to you, but your ears are deaf to its sweet song.

There are different forms of beauty. Some are ageless, eternal, some momentary and brilliant, but neither is more important than the other in the flow of the Universe. You can appreciate a tree, the curve of a hip, and the grandeur of a mountain simultaneously. The mountain won’t change, but you can’t take a mountain home.

Plant the seeds of love everywhere you go. And water those seeds. Don’t be possessive of who will stand in the shade of the trees that you help grow. Let your flowers get up and walk away if they have to. Honor beauty by not crushing it with possession. Possession, like most beauty, is temporary. Why keep something that can’t be chained down anyway?

Look at who you love. Look at them without judgment, without thought. See them as they are, not as who you want them to be. Love them with all you’ve got just for one moment. Now, tell me that beauty matters as much as love.

Build your own mountain, and give it to God to tear down if He sees fit. If it comes down quickly, it wasn’t a mountain at all. Appreciate the cycle of life with the love you grow. Watch it take hold, watch it grow, watch it pull up its roots and walk away. Sit in the humble acceptance that you gave love without strings attached. And watch your love come back to you again, and again, and again.

Don’t argue about the kind of shade you get from whoever shows up at your doorstep. Some trees don’t throw a lot of shade, but they sure are pretty to look at.

Moment to moment to moment: live! Let yourself live!! You are here NOW, and YOU are beautiful as you are. Change selfishly. Change because you want more – more beauty, more love, more life. More, more, more – admit you want more. Have the courage to admit it. Say it out loud: “I want more!” It’s OK if you yell, because trees don’t have ears.

The Superlative Now

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I just finished reading In the Days of the Comet, written by H.G. Wells over one hundred years ago, which is a before and after description of the world and relationships around the time of a great “Change”. Without giving too much of the story away, I’m amazed by the similarities in the lead character’s description of the “before” world, the bad world that everyone was so happy to see disappear, and our world today, the world that we all seem to be hoping will disappear as well. Aside from the dated vocabulary and writing style, quite a lot can be readily adapted to describe the world as it is now.

On the economy:

” Here… we’re on the verge of the biggest lock-out in the history of this country-side; here’s distress and hunger coming, here’s all the capitalistic competitive system like a wound inflamed…”

On war:

“On no conceivable grounds was there any sense in modern war. Save for the slaughter and mangling of a multitude of people, the destruction of vast quantities of material, and the waste of innumerable units of energy, it effected nothing.”

On material inequity:

“…Through the private ownership of land that had resulted from the neglect of feudal obligations in Britain and the utter want of political foresight in the Americas, large masses of property had become artificially stable in the hands of a small minority, to whom it was necessary to mortgage all new public and private enterprises, and who were held together not by any tradition of service and nobility but by the natural sympathy of common interests and a common large scale of living.”

On religious extremism:

“You can no more understand our theological passions than you can understand the fancies that made all ancient peoples speak of their gods only by circumlocutions, that made savages pine away and die because they had been photographed, or an Elizabethan farmer turn back from a day’s expedition because he had med three cows.”

“Suffice it that we lost our tempers very readily in pursuit of God and Truth, and said exquisitely foolish things on either side.”

On the environment:

“Young people nowadays can scarcely hope to imagine the enormous quantities of pure litter and useless accumulation with which we had to deal…”

On health:

“…A large part of the physical decline that was apparent in our people during the closing years of the nineteenth century… no doubt due in part to the miscellaneous badness of the food they ate…”

On popular culture:

“…Penny fiction, watery, base stuff, the dropsy of our nation’s mind… warped and crippled ideas and contagious base suggestions, the formulae of dull tolerances and stupid impatiences, the mean defensive ingenuities of sluggish habits of thinking and timid and indolent evasions.”

And so on.

Reading this book, I’ve been reflecting on the idea that we seem to be generally convinced that “now” is always the greatest challenge, the most dramatic time, the superlative moment, and it continues to be. But if we have felt that way in the past, why do we keep feeling that way? And why do we continue to have reason to feel that way?

There’s a whole school of thought around the concept of focusing one’s energy and attention exclusively on “now”, not living in the past or in the future. I’ve studied that idea and been convinced of its merits, but I feel that something is being left out. If we don’t reflect on the past or consider the effect of today on the future, how can we have any perspective on the present?

Here’s a silly example: as I write this, I am recovering from what is, in reality, a very minor cold. I hate being sick, as do most of us, so I tend to feel a bit pathetic and dramatic whenever it happens, probably just because of that feeling of general helplessness and lack of control over my body. That, and it feels nasty.

Amazingly enough, however, I have to go out of my way to remind myself that I’ve been much more sickly in the past—in fact, I know that the worst flu I’ve ever had happened about a year and a half ago—and that in just a few days I’ll be fine again. Even though I completely understand those facts, it still feels just a little bit false, because I can only really experience the way I feel right this second.

As a larger example, if I look at my life objectively, then the lowest point has to be when I was 15 years old. Even now, I go back and forth between feeling like it was all a horrible nightmare, and feeling like I’m reliving everything I went through all over again. But somehow, even though intellectually I see that as the worst of the worst, it still feels as though all the pain I feel today, now, in this moment is somehow bigger; even though I “know” that whatever trials I face today are trivial by comparison, it’s sometimes hard to muster the energy and motivation to face them.

Wells’ protagonist, on his former life:

“…Has not some queer nightmare spirit out of dreamland slipped a pseudo-memory into the records of my vanished life?”

Wells’ book demonstrates this “superlative now” idea on the large scale; we, as a global community, seem to understand intellectually and have some perspective on the challenges we face today based on the trials of the past, but in practice, that understanding sometimes feels false.

I’m currently living in Berlin, a place with some obvious dark points in the past. Everyone still talks about the Wall all the time, but it’s very romanticized and glamorized the way people tell the story now. Then there’s the Nazis, which the Germans on a personal level try their hardest not to talk about, but on a national level take a stern, confrontational stance to talk about publicly.

But the things people are upset about these days are taxes, the Deutsche Bahn, the welfare system giving people too much money, the welfare system not giving people enough money, the weather, how lame the Berlin club scene has gotten, etc. I’m generalizing, but the point is that I have never once heard anyone say, “Y’know what? This is nothing compared to WWII.”

I am not suggesting that we all start living in the past, or to take the problems we face today—both personally and globally—less seriously, but I feel that at least for myself, freaking out about every little thing that comes up in the “superlative now”, regardless of how trivial it might be, is a waste of energy.

When we feel that now is the most difficult time ever, I think it can seem like an extremely daunting task to try and improve things. So maybe having just a bit more perspective could help us put the energy we use freaking out to practical use; that energy could be motivating instead, as if to say, “We’ve gotten through greater challenges, so we can do this.”

The characters in Wells’ book figure this out as well. After the great Change, everyone is immediately struck with horror and guilt over what they now considered to be a lifestyle based on utter insanity and cruelty. But they don’t allow themselves to dwell, knowing what work there is to be done to make the world the place they envision from their new perspective.

“I was doing nothing to prevent it all! …And it’s fools like us that lead to things like this! …But this is being a fool. Talk! I’m going to stop it.”


Tired, Torn, and Frayed

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God doesn’t get tired. God never stops. God keeps going. God has tons of patience. God never wakes, for God does not sleep.

I get tired, and when I get too discouraged, I stop. I get going again eventually, but I might have to rebuild my confidence first. Eventually, I wake. But when I do, I don’t always have my wits about me. It is hard sometimes to get my feet back on the ground. I sleep, but I don’t want to. I hate to miss anything.

It seems that when we are tired, we should step back and ask, “Is it a good tired I am feeling?” We all know the wrong kind of tired, which is when we are doing something our heart just isn’t into. High school was like that for me; I watched classmates around me who were turned into robots, indoctrinated into a system that saw them as nothing more than a future statistic to be exploited. The concept of being creative was seen as overly feminine, and therefore resigned to after-school theatre. Lucky for me, the drama coach hated me, and the art teacher said I had no talent as an artist. I learned my own way.

In the incredibly groundbreaking book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, she gets you to meet your own inner artist. One exercise in the book includes you writing down on a piece of paper “I am an artist.” If I say anything true here, it is that those were some of the hardest words I’ve ever had to commit to a piece of paper. Honestly.

Today, I am the right kind of tired. I have pushed myself to exhaustion, but it is in pursuit of a higher ideal. I don’t know if that higher thought is me or something I’ve created, but it doesn’t matter. It is all me, and, at the same time, not about me at all. I am coming into a deeper peace about the paradox of that construct.
If God asks you to jump, do you say, “How high?” How can you be sure it is the voice of G-O-D you hear, and not the voice of some inner demon, or the clinging trace of a forgotten shadow? The answer is, you don’t know. The heart must become your barometer for what is and isn’t real.

When you look at someone you love, do they make you tired, or do they give you more energy? Are you compromising the bigger part of your journey to make a temporary peace in this moment? Is it better to make a temporary peace, or a lasting one? Let your love, the love in your heart, indicate to you what a good tired feels like.

The Dark Mornings of The Soul

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I went to see a channel once a few years back. We were discussing the nature of divinity here on Earth, and how I was having trouble staying connected to my body. He said to me, “What most people here don’t understand is that finding God is not about going up and meditating on the top of some mountain for 40 years. You are here IN THE BODY for a reason, to experience the limitation of that lower vibration, and therefore learn how to integrate WITH IT, and also find Holiness in the process. The way OUT of the box is to get completely IN the box, and make the most of your time HERE.”

I am not sure I am making the most of my time here on the Planet Earth. There are many little miracles almost every day now, but there seem to be few big miracles. In the channeled book A Course in Miracles, Jesus says that all miracles are the same, and that we should come to expect them regularly. Maybe life itself, being Here with you, is the big miracle, and us figuring out how to live in constant harmony are the little miracles I now see everywhere.

I was saying to one of my good friends yesterday that I have 2 strong feelings working side-by-side right now. One is the overwhelming feeling of this incredible, cataclysmic change to our world that is coming, and the other is the relief that this change will be the process by which that which needs to get sorted out properly will, and this populace of Mother Earth will return back to living as Divine Nature intended.

The world as it IS right now won’t let us rest. I for one have complete rhetoric fatigue. The non-stop propaganda to: buy/sell/destroy/kill/deny/exaggerate/humiliate/obfuscate/obliterate/and divert the truth has turned my ears to tin. A piece of evidence of my own fatigue is that I grew tired of watching what I said, or how I said it. I stopped pulling back on my intuition, my observations, and my messy humanity. Doesn’t it make sense that an artist would be confused, conflicted, and morally challenged? It does to me! But perhaps that is self-serving to better explain my new-new-new paradigm.

Going back to the ‘you’ve got to get fully in the box to get out of the box’ theory, I guess you can say I am pretty ‘in the box’ now. I don’t mean I LOOK pretty in the box, mind you! I just mean that I have accepted that the road to grace is going to have to go thru this physical vehicle that is ‘me’ here, the one of ‘me’ that is typing out these words: words written which you may read or skim over as you wish, words which seem kind of small when there are so-so many to choose from.

I have to make peace with this body that it is not wasting its life-time serving an intellectual and spiritual function that has no meaning, which is to borrow time to compose this message. This body wants you to know it really would prefer to be back in bed next to someone who appears to love it.

Writing these messages has a way of reaffirming my own belief in a Creator, a just Universe, and the proven idea that nature organizes itself organically around the best possible energy source possible at-that-time. Not every message is a great one, but every post is meaningful. Maybe, like miracles, all messages and songs are equal. Sometimes, we find that, on a long journey, the most important moments are when there is little to look at on the road, so that the mind has its time to wander.