Research schools 

Research schools combine cutting-edge research with education and training for PhD candidates
and post-doctoral researchers in a given field. They are a driving force behind efforts to
coordinate nationwide research programmes within specific disciplines. TU Delft’s research schools cooperate in key research areas with other faculties and universities, thereby strengthening the position of the university. Accreditation by the Research School Accreditation Committee (ECOS) of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) is seen as an important mark of quality.

TU Delft taking the lead

TU Delft is the lead institution of the following KNAW-accredited research schools:

With the exception of CTG and DIMES, the above are all interuniversity research schools.

TU Delft as an active participant

TU Delft takes an active role in the following KNAW-accredited research schools:

In addition, TU Delft has ties to networks that are known as research schools, but are not currently accredited by the KNAW.  These networks have not submitted an application to the KNAW for renewed accreditation at this time:

By virtue of its role in the CTG and VMSG research schools, TU Delft also participates in the Netherlands Research Centre for Integrated Solid Earth Science (ISES), one of the country’s leading research schools.

N.B. The experience and position of TU Delft’s research schools will certainly be taken into consideration in the current discussion of the university’s stance on the Graduate School as an organisational form for doctoral programmes.  

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