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The Official UK Playstation Magazine

 The Official UK Playstation Magazine Magazine / Newspaper

The Official UK Playstation Magazine

Description: As you can imagine The Official UK PlayStation Magazine contains all you need to know about Sony's original little ... more
The Official UK Playstation Magazine ... grey box. From Future Publishing.

Newest Review: ... you have torn into the packaging and get your hands on the magazine you find a well made and shiny offering which is full of ... more

 ... excellent information on Playstation and what is up and coming with their products (PSP, PSPGo, PS3 Slimline, etc) and any developments that are on the way for their existing line up (BBC Iplayer online with PS3). The magazine also gives you information on what developers are working on and any future offerings that maybe coming in the near future in the gaming market (with such products as Final Fantasty having large amounts of information starting to come out thanks to developers feeding this to this magazine). ...more

Crowned Review The Official UK Playstation Magazine: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (1018 words)
by - written on 29/09/00 (Very useful, 516 readings)

*** The following review was written in September 2000. I have left the review untouched but have placed an update at the end to cover any changes since it was written. *** If you're a regular computer games player then you are probably already aware of the vast number of magazines available to cover them. Although I have a PC as well, most of my games are for the Sony Playstation and over the years I have read most of the dedicated Playstation magazines. Unfortunately most of them seem to be aimed at the younger Playstation users and tend to be a bit on the patronising side. I'm almost 30 and love playing computer games now as ...  Read the complete review

Premium Review 100 Issues of 'The Official UK PlayStation Magazine' (969 words)
by - written on 20/06/03 (Very useful, 514 readings)

Way back in November 1995, a new magazine was launched alongside a new console. July 2003, next month, that same magazine will be printing it's 100th issue, covering all things concerned with the most succesful game system in history. PlayStation and 'The Official UK PlayStation Magazine' (OPM) have pretty much gone hand-in-hand over the last few years as support for PlayStation software elsewhere has all but evaporated completely. Like the PlayStation, OPM have had their ups and downs, but have pulled through against all the odds when many thought they would be gone by their 80th issue. The first issue of the magazine that I got hold of was #37 - ...  Read the complete review

Premium Review The Official UK Playstation Magazine: Was one of the best, not anymore (870 words)
by - written on 24/03/01 (Very useful, 435 readings)

Since I got my Playstation in the Christmas of 1998, I have been buying the Official UK Playstation Magazine (OPM). I actually brought my first issue in February 1999, which was issue number 42. It came with a demo disc packed with 22 playable demos. About 12 of them were fore net yaroze, which I do not have, a clue what it is but they were still good games. Some of them were actual full games but they were like the old retro games really, however they were still fun to play. Every month after that it came with 1 or 2 net yaroze games but in the summer it stopped putting them on the demo disc and I don’t know why. Since then, I have collected every issue ...  Read the complete review

Premium Review The Only PS Mag With A Demo Disc! (239 words)
by - written on 11/09/00 (Very useful, 166 readings)

I only got a PS in June, it was a bargain as I bought it 2nd hand off a mate. Since then, I have purchased a total of 7 games, all of which are excellent and have provided me with many hours of entertainment. I have only purchased this magazine once (August issue) and it was great. Despite the reviews being perhaps a little biased, (it IS the official mag after all!), the are on the whole well written, with lots of screenshots, and very informative about the game. There are lots of previews, the latest news, tips, letters etc. One other great feature of the mag is that every month, the reviews of all 600+ PS games ever made are summarised at the back of ...  Read the complete review

Premium Review The Official UK Playstation Magazine: Official Playstation Magazine UK (377 words)
by - written on 08/04/09 (Very useful, 87 readings)

As there hasn't been any recent updates or reviews on this magazine, I thought I'd add my opinion on how this mag covers the new and next gen modern gaming world. The Official Playstation Magazine (OPM) is one of several available magazine which covers all things playstation, not only games but also devices, HD issues and how the playstation is measuring up to other consoles. It normally comes packaged in a plastic covering which tells the consumer what is featured inside that issue and the free gift inside that edition. These can range from a poster to a cheats book to a walk through guide etc and nowadays comes also with a free blueray demo disk to play the ...  Read the complete review


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