After announcing the national winners per category in our video we also like to share the link love. :) Below you find all national winners with their podcast images and direct links to their sites. Go and have a listen and while you are at it, also don’t forget to visit the local categories and try out some of the other podcasts, there is a lot to discover.

The overall European winners of the European Podcast Award 2008/2009 will be announced in February, including the additional winner of the European Excellence Award.

In order like presented in the video and congrats again!

National Winner Germany

Personality: Schlaflos in München
non profit: UniPod
Business: Infineon Podcast
Professional: Hörbar Rust

National Winner Spain

Personality: Comunicando Podcast
non profit: Expres Digital
Business: Territori Mac
Professional: La Ventana

National Winner UK

Personality: Pod of Funk
Non Profit: The Naked Scientist
Business: Backpacking Light Audio
Professional: Learn Spanish with Coffee Break Spanish

National Winner France

Personality: Personnel et confidentiel
Non profit: L’upperground
Business: Le podcast high-tech France
Professional: Le podcast journal Who’s Who

National Winner Italy

Personality: The Funny Show
non profit: Radio Raglio

National Winner Netherlands

Personality: David On Air
non profit: OneMoreThing Podcast
Business: Postbank NL
Professional: Radio 538 Dance Department

National Winner Norway

Personality: Superstreng med Eirik Newth
non profit: Spor 2
Professional: NRK P3 - P3morgen

National Winner Switzerland

Personality: Podchast
non profit: Hackerfunk Zürich
Business: Eppenberger Podcast
Professional: Digitalk

National Winner Czech Republic

Personality: Apatykar
Professional: Hrej

National Winner Austria

Personality: Takarina`s Welt
non profit: Wiener Radiobande
Business: zum Hören
Professional: Management-Podcast von BILDUNGaktuell

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17 Responses to “National Winners of the European Podcast Awards II”

  1. Artur Says:

    Latvia is ignored in final or what?

  2. Nicole Simon Says:

    Dear Artur, as explained in the video

    we do not have winners in all categories, and in case of Latvia, the amount of submissions as well as of votes was just too low to justify a price. If you take a look you will notice that we did not fill all categories from the other countries either.

    For this year, the decision was to not give that award, but this does not mean next time it is not going to happen.

    Sorry for now. :)

  3. Michael "Yezzer" Lang Says:

    I think you should reconsider your choices. I listened to the Personality winner this so called ‘Pod of Funk’ and I thought it was absolute guff…in pales in comparison to something like Suffolk n Cool or the Bracknell4 Show who have even moved onto a prestigeous internet radio station and produce a very fine podcast every bloody week.

    Your angrily,

  4. Stefaan Lesage Says:


    I hope more countries will be added in the future. Looking forward to the submissions from Belgian podcasters, and if you ever need someone in the jury from Belgium, let me know :-)



  5. Nicole Simon Says:

    @Michael thanks for sharing your opinion. Different people like different things and partly this is not only a numbers decision but also the personal flair of a jury member.

    @Stefaan will note you as possible jury member :) And if you can give us a hand in finding those belgium podcasters, that would be great! :)

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  7. Noticias de » “Comunicando”, premiado en los European Podcast Award Says:

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  8. Michael 'Yezzer' Lang Says:

    I wasn’t talking solely about ‘numbers’ I just feel when put alongside ‘Pod of Funk’ any of the finalists were better. I think this is exemplified by the video attached to the latest blog…I think personality has been confused with funny hats…wearing stupid head gear does not add personality…or perhaps in your eyes it does…in which case perhaps I should suggest some of the podcasters I listen to buy a sombrero.

  9. Nicole Simon Says:

    The award for 2008/2009 is through and will not be changed. :o)

  10. Frank De Graeve Says:

    @ Nicole (cc@Stefaan) No offence, but you couldn’t even choose ‘Belgium’ to submit a podcast. I had to register as being Dutch.

  11. Nicole Simon Says:

    Frank that is true but the reason for it is simple: We do need local editors as well as a native speaker jury before we can add a new country, mainly because of legal reasons. Another country for example was Denmark - I do not know about you but I do not speak Danish and could in no way check if that content for example was about the weather or illegal content. Editors for example will have to judge and check for that (and in the end be responsible). This is a legal as well as a financial problem in regard of ressources.

    That set aside: We do want to expand this to more countries and work to make it possible. :)

  12. djUbik Says:

    Is this the old prize or new one? Because if it’s the new, we have won in the professional cathegory for the second time in a row! :-) Let us know better, please…

  13. Nicole Simon Says:

    It still is ‘the old one’. ;)

  14. Stefaan Lesage Says:

    Have to agree with Frank here. There was no way to select Belgium from the list, and I think that’s actually why I didn’t register at all. There are some Belgian Podcasters out there though, I know at least 4 or 5 others.



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  17. Deek Deekster Says:

    @Michael ‘Yezzer’ Lang I am so pleased that you find Pod of Funk to be guff! If nobody hates your work, you’re doing something wrong. Far worse would be a chorus of “it’s ok” or “nice”. So, thanks for the bitterness, it feels sweet.

    It is of course all to do with taste. I’d love to see you freaking out on a funky dancefloor wearing skintight hotpants and star-shaped shades, but something tells me you’ll be sticking to safe-zone rock music for ever and ever. Amen brother!

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