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Break Point

by Mer

Wilson struggles to reconcile past and present in the aftermath of the Tritter investigation, while House just wants to understand.

Characters: House, Wilson.

Rating: R

Length: 24 100

Spoilers: Takes place between "Human Error" and "Alone".

Author's Notes: Thank you to Elynittria for her encouragement and invaluable editing expertise.

   Illustration, by Virva     Vid, by Tli


My Brother's Keeper

by Shutterbug_12

An on-the-job incident forces House to experience his life beyond the visible spectrum; Cuddy and Wilson struggle to guide him through a darkness that neither of them can see and preserve the world that House remembers.

Pairing: House, Wilson, Cuddy

Rating: R

Length: 24 700 words

Spoilers: None.

Author's Notes: Many innumerable thanks to my beta readers: Starlingthefool, Phinnia, Amy_119, and Bluebonnets. I am also extremely grateful for the encouragement and cheerleading I've received from many others throughout this whole process.

   Cover for My Brother's Keeper, by Wihluta     Illustration, by Virva

     Cover art, by Mem_vermelha

Time Marches On

by Namaste

House once called change one of the greatest tragedies in life. His teams--the old one and the newbies--are learning this even as House himself continues to deal with things he can change, and things he cannot.

Pairing: Gen: Team

Rating: G

Length: 23 400

Spoilers: Through "Don't Ever Change".

Author's Notes: Thanks to Silja_b and Pwcorgigirl for beta and feedback.

   Screencap from You Go Your Way, by ISayToodlePip     ART, by Serena     Cover Art, by Cosmo Mouse



How To Skin Your Knees Standing Straight

by Fated Addiction

That summer, Cameron tries to keep her choices straight. Why should she stay?

Characters: House/Cameron, Cameron/Chase

Rating: R

Length: 20 000 words

Spoilers: Through "Human Error".

Author's Notes: Thank you to all sorts of people. My betas, Plum Pink and Spybarbie for being saints. Thank you to Vicodin, to Falseeyelashes, and to Glassbomb for telling me that I haven't completely lost my goddamn mind doing this. All of you, it means a lot.

   Art, by Serena     Only One, by Pandorashollow    



Your Hand In Mine

by Hihoplastic

They can say anything to each other, now that there's no tomorrow.

Pairing: House/Cuddy

Rating: PG

Length: 32 000 words

Spoilers: Through season three.

Author's Notes: Highly AU. Apocalypse!fic. Titles from songs by Explosions in the Sky. Thanks to Nancy and Ollie for the input, and Jillie for the beta/read-through/general prodding.

   Art, by Ticcy     Screencap from If I Should Not Return, by ISayToodlePip     Poster, by Shutterbug_12




by Zulu

Because after Foreman fucks up, he might actually be teachable. Because House is the best one to knock him down and then show him what a moron he is. "Because he could be better," he says, and he hates that it's the truth, that he's telling it to Cuddy like it matters.

Pairing: House/Foreman

Rating: NC-17

Length: 42 000 words

Spoilers: Through "Euphoria".

Author's Notes: Thank you to my amazing betas: Parrot, Leiascully, Daemonluna, and Troutkitty.

   Art, by Tli     Cover art, by Leiascully



A Distorted Genius

by Hwshipper

He's a genius, eccentric, lazy, and has three staff to do all the work. And House is just the same. Wilson's been arrested on suspicion of murder, and only Nero Wolfe can help.

Crossover Fandom: Nero Wolfe

Pairing: House/Wilson.

Rating: PG

Length: 28 000

Spoilers: Through "Family" for House; through A Family Affair for Wolfe.

Author's Notes: Eternal thanks to my enthusiastic and hard-working Wolfean beta and cheerleader, avidreadergirl; to siljab for the murder-medical beta; and to hilohello for the initial prompt that made it all happen.

Disclaimer: Nero Wolfe and all its characters belong to the estate of Rex Stout.

   Art, by Zulu     Cover art, by Mem_vermelha


A Joy Forever

by bell

Wilson's dead, but that doesn't mean he's gone.

Pairing: House/Wilson

Rating: NC-17

Length: 21 100 words

Spoilers: Through "Sleeping Dogs Lie".

Author's Notes: Thank you, Janni, for keeping me company as I wrote the story, as well as for copy-editing! And thank you to Jougetsu and Erin, for you feedback on the intermediate drafts. Finally, thank you, Beth, for the med consult! Any errors in the medicine are entirely my own fault.

   Art, by Brynnamorgan     Dream Meeting, by Shutterbug_12


Half Life

by Blue

The world changes forever. House and Wilson must cope.

Pairing: House/Wilson, House/OFC.

Rating: R

Length: 29 000

Spoilers: Through season three; AU for season four.

Author's Notes: Beta by bell.

   Cover Art, by Thedeadparrot     Digital Art, by Brynnamorgan


The Open Road

by Pun

Wilson goes along for the ride.

Pairing: House/Wilson

Rating: NC-17

Length: 25 100 words

Spoilers: Through season three.

Author's Notes: The idea for this story was born out of a suggestion by Dana (years ago) that it would be cool to try a cross-fandom remix challenge. The idea for a House/Wilson version of Jenn's "Sleep While I Drive" got stuck in my head, and Jenn very kindly gave me her permission to run with it. This is the result. Deep gratitude to all my betas and hand-holders: Bironic, Lenore, Linaerys, Caro, and Moonlash_cc, and, as always, to the girls who Cry Havoc.

   Cover art, by Thedeadparrot     Collage, by Leiascully     Cover art, by Mem_vermelha


Threesomes and Moresomes

Dark Water

by Delphinapterus

AU. Wilson has to do a freebie because of a mix up with a race horse. House is just getting back into the game and Cuddy finds both these ghosts from the past showing up at the same time. Things get complicated with two FBI agents are thrown into the mix and Chase finally gets a solo hit.

Characters: House/Wilson/Cuddy

Rating: NC-17

Length: 23 000 words

Spoilers: None.

Author's Notes: Thanks to Shay and oldblue for beta and hand holding. Savemoony deserves the credit for telling me I could do it and for putting up with my rambling about this for months.

   Cover for Dark Water, by Leiascully     Cover art, by Thedeadparrot


In For A Pound

by Dee

Two days, four men, one California King mattress. Sometimes two and two can add up to something more.

Pairing: House/Wilson, Sheppard/McKay, House/Wilson/Sheppard/McKay.

Rating: NC-17

Length: 23 800 words

Spoilers: Through "Whatever It Takes" for House; through "Quarantine" for Stargate: Atlantis.

Author's Notes: Can be read standalone but is a sequel to Out of the Blue (takes place prior to that story's epilogue). All thanks and adoration to my marvelous betas (and sanity keepers) Bironic, DaisyLily, and Nightdog. Several of Brahms' works can be found here.

Disclaimer: Stargate Atlantis is owned by MGM, created by Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper, and broadcasted by the Sci Fi Channel.

   Cover art, by Yevgenie     Cover art, by Thedeadparrot


The Roots Of Rhythm Remain

by Sabinelagrande

Greg, Lisa, James, and Evan, and how their story goes on.

Pairing: House/Wilson/Cuddy

Rating: NC-17

Length: 20 000 words

Spoilers: Through "Finding Judas".

Author's Notes: This is the last story in the Rhythm of the Saints 'verse, the rest of which can be found here. Many thanks to gunstreet_girl, dixie_chicken, leiascully, and shadowenangel for nitpicking, support, and inspiration.

Disclaimer: All chapter titles, as well as two brief quotations, are copyright Paul Simon, Warner Music Group, and Columbia Records.

   Cover Art, by Hjsnapepm     Scrapbook, by Mem_vermelha


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