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The Haiku Year<BR>
The real revolution will begin when we all start communicating with each other with love, honesty and purity of heart--and this book, in its own way, is a three-line leap in that direction.
—Todd Colby
Haiku is the most apt poetic form for our times.The impressions collected in this little book speak about our lives in a code of language we can understand and feel, quickly and deeply.
—Natalie Merchant
The beautifully designed the haiku year consists of daily haiku written by a group of seven friends... There are some pretty awesome haiku here. Here's one: 'Before you could hang up/ my machine caught/ a half-second of bar noise.'
—JANE Magazine
All of us only have this moment to live. These haiku commemorate 365 Others.
—Lili Taylor
365 days
One small gorgeous book
—Douglas Coupland
The Haiku Year

Michael Stipe, Douglas A. Martin, Grant Lee Phillips, Tom Gilroy, Anna Grace, Rick Roth, and Jim McKay, Introduction by Steve Earle

Paper | 5 x 7 | 200 pgs. | ISBN: 1-932360-16-6 | List: $12.95 | 03/1/2004

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60 pages of new Haiku entitled: "Exact Dates Unknown"

About the book:
The Haiku Year exists because seven friends made a pact to write haikus every day for a year as a way to keep in touch with each other. The finished product is a document of a year�s worth of moments filled with joy, sorrow and unexpected beauty. The book y creates the sense that present moments do not just disappear and provides a visceral understanding of how these moments fit into the context of the rest of our lives.

The short verses in Haiku Year stab and elate. They hint at both the transcendence and mediocrity of everyday life. The power of Michael Stipe�s southern, twilight drenched lyrics from early REM albums is present in the volume. Douglas A. Martin�s sparse yet descriptive prose gleams throughout. The thoughtful storytelling of Grant Lee Phillips is pared down to the simplest words to describe an instance.

The Haiku Year is about the appreciation of small moments of beauty, ultimately adding up to the appreciation and respect not only for our individual lives but for all the lives that intersect with ours. The Haiku Year effortlessly urges readers to enjoy details and to let spare moments pierce through the numbness of everyday routine.

About the author:
Steve Earle is a popular country and rock musician who has recorded with Willie Nelson, Guy Clark and Elvis Presley. His latest album, Jerusalem, was released to critical claim in October 2002.

Tom Gilroy is an actor, director and playwright from New York. He is the co-founder (with Lili taylor and Michael Imperioli) of the theatre company Machine Full.

Anna Grace is a writer and performer who lives in New York. She co-wrote and appeared in the movies Girl�s Town, which won two awards at the Sundance Film Festival.

Jim Mckay is a filmmaker and co-founder of C-Hundred Film Corp.

Douglas A. Martin is the author of Outline of My Lover (Soft Skull Press 1999), My Gradual Demise and Honeysuckle Champion Books Inc (1995) ISBN: 0964119625 and Servicing the Salamander (Champion Books Inc 1998) ISBN: 0964119668

Grant Lee Phillips is best known as a songwriter and a recording artists. Under the title of his musical group Grant Lee Buffalo, he has released three critically acclaimed albums.

Rick Roth is an activist with Amnesty International.

Michael Stipe is a producer and filmmaker and lead singer of the internationally famed band REM

From the book:

on the subway
the conductor calls your name
at every stop

Desire pulls
stronger than

A Love Supreme plays
through shitty speakers and
turns my ears to gold

In that Summer
near-dark moment
when the street lights come on
© 2003 Soft Skull Press, Inc.

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