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Welcome to the homepage of ZBlood.

This project began as an experiment for Doom2, and a tribute to the awesome 1997 game, "Blood", by Monolith Productions. ZBlood is a 'Total Conversion' that tries to make Doom2 look, sound, and play somewhat similar to Blood by using the advances made possible with the ZDoom source-port.

The Build engine, which Blood is based upon, was quite sophisticated for it's time, and far more complicated than Doom was ever meant to be. Consequentially, there were few people who could make maps for it to begin with, and even fewer who actually cared to do so. I love this old game, but found very few good custom maps to play.

In contrast, Doom is so simple to map for that there are 1000s of people able to do so. I can even do so myself, to some extent. I knew also that I could import graphics and sounds from another game, and so decided to see what I could do. It started with 2 maps and a few enemies and weapons, then Joe, (Doorhenge) joined the project and it really took off from there.


map 01

map 03

map 04

map 07

map 08

map 11


  • Maps

    Latest version includes 25 levels. Most of these were attempts to duplicate the original maps from Blood and the Cryptic Passage add-on, but with extra areas and secrets added to make them different. The others are new maps made specifically for this project.

    These maps take advantage of several ZDoom capabilities, including sloped floors, bridges, swimmable water, exploding walls, and ambient sound effects. All maps have skill level settings and are fully deathmatch and multi-player compatible.

  • Textures, Graphics, and Sounds

    All of the wall and floor graphics were ripped and/or modified directly from original Blood art files. In most cases, the palette had to be altered to try and retain some of the proper color when converted to the Doom format, so it is not exactly what you would see in Blood, but as close as we could get it within such limitations. The player HUD and in game graphics have also been converted or made from scratch.

    Sounds were ripped and converted from RAW format to WAV, and everything from Doom2 has been replaced, including music from the original Blood game. Ambient and action specific sounds have also been added to make it as close to the original game as possible.

  • Enemies and Sprites

    Using a combination of dehacked and ZDoom decorate, all of the Doom2 monsters have been replaced with Blood enemies.

    All other decorative sprites, light fixtures, items, weapons, and pick-ups have also been replaced with those from Blood.

  • Weapons

    Nearly* all of the weapons from Doom2 have been replaced with those from Blood. In some cases this works very well, while in others it leaves room for improvement. Doom2 never had the number or variety of weapons that Blood did, but it is still amazing to see what was possible, and what may be possible yet with a little more effort.

  • Latest Version

    >>> Download zbludv41 from Filefront (13.3MB zipped).

    >>> Be sure to get the hi-rez add-on BludSP1 for all the special weapons and enemy modifications.

  • Troubleshooting

    ZBlood was designed to be playable only with ZDoom, however, some older versions will not run this wad properly. For best results, use the latest version of GZDoom by Graf Zahl, along with a compatible version of ZDoom. If you are still having problems, please write and tell us.

    The main wad must be loaded along with the associated "BludSP1" wad to use the flare pistol. Use a .bat file, or a launcher to load these two wads together.

    To play multiplayer/deathmatch on ZDaemon, only the main wad can be used.

    These wads must also be loaded into GZDoom in the proper order:
    a) Main wad
    b) BludSP1 wad
    c) BLUDMP3 wad (if used)
    If the wads are not loaded in this order, some of the enemies (those in the hi-rez wad) will appear smaller than they should.

    To prevent wings of enemies and some fire sprites from being cut off near walls, use the console and 'adjust sprite clipping' to 'always' in GZDoom display properties.

  • Older Files

    zBLUDV33 from Filefront (12MB zipped).

    Earlier Non-ZDoom versions:
    Blud v2 at Filefront.
    Blud888 (v1) at Filefront.

    Please check out
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