Fake Dr. Pepper Land has all your favorite knock offs, like Dr. Pop, Mr. Pibb and Dr. Sparkle. Now when I say fake, I don't mean these drinks aren't real. Go to your local grocery store and you'll see that these generic sodas are very real. Imitation follows success and when Coke, Pepsi or even Dr. Pepper makes a successful product, you can be sure someone will try and get a piece of the pie. Coke and Pepsi are both guilty of jumping on the Dr. Pepper bandwagon; Mr. Pibb and Dr. Slice respectively. So, why collect fake Dr Pepper's instead of root beer or cola? The reason is because Dr. Pepper has the most interesting knock offs. There isn't a generic term for its flavor. For example, Coke is soda. Sprite is Lemon or Lime drink. Crush is Orange Drink. Root Beer is Root Beer. Ginger Ale is Ginger Ale. Ok you get the picture. But Dr. Pepper is a different story. The marketing process is a little trickier. Or at least wackier. The only way to let people know that the imitation drink tastes like Dr. Pepper is to give them a medical degree. It's genius from a marketing point of view. Throw in the "Dr" (ex. Dr Riffic), give it a burgundy can and everyone knows that this drink tastes like Dr Pepper.

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