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Tapping into the genius within for all solutions




Smart Dreaming:

Dreams are also a great resource for peak performance. You can work out your problems and resolve conflicts in self and others that stand in the way  of performing at your best.

Dreams are an exceptional way of gathering inspiration, solving problems, getting guidance about the future and evaluating decisions.

In dream training sessions with us, you will learn how to make the most of dreams: 






Problem solving 


Tapping into creative inspiration


Understanding and interpreting dreams and gaining daily from  dream messages. 


Dreams are not only a way for warnings, prevention and ensuring successful undertakings, they are also learning tools for self discovery and boosting peak performance.


Dreams are an exceptional way that allows everyone to be psychic on a day to day basis. Consider them as brainstorming sessions with your highest intelligence and genius.
You can and do receive inspiration, warnings and feed back on your ideas and plans in dreams. Your daily thoughts and feelings are used as raw material and while you sleep, a higher part of you beyond even your subconscious processes this information and gives you a higher insight that is there to make your life easy and harmonious.

You may be one of the millions who don't give much credence to your dreams, but you can't imagine how much pain, frustration and suffering you can save yourself if you paid just a little attention to your dreams. Dreams can give you unsurpassed competitive advantage.

It does not matter what your field is ( investing, leadership, R and D, music, writing, parenthood, health, etc...) there are insights and problem solving tools available even while you sleep.

Our specialty at
Advanced Solutions Ad Infinitum is spiritual interpretation of dreams for unequaled depth, clarity and accuracy. We give practical understanding and meaning to your dreams. We train you how to use them especially as part of creativity training and problem solving in Peak Performance. Dreams are a way to have an early warning system and to ensure successful undertakings.

Failure or success are no accidents; they are designed, consciously or unconsciously. Where do you stand? Which reality do you want to own; master of your destiny or a victim of circumstances?

An after thought:

Did you know that the inventor of the sewing machine got his solution in a dream? So did the German chemist Kekule in discovering the structure of the Benzene molecule. The clue to deciphering the Rosetta stone came in a dream too. There were people who had warnings about 911. If we are serious about prevention against loss of life and property and any destruction, we need to take our dreams seriously. 


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