1. Mata Nui

Bara Magna is a harsh desert land, sparsely populated by Agori villagers and their Glatorian protectors. The Agori live in a handful of villages and use Glatorians to settle disputes and win scarce resources. Once a year, all Glatorians would come to the Arena Magna and challenge one another to see who was the best. But that was before the Skrall rebelled and destroyed the Arena Magna.

Now, the Skrall tribe who live in the northern village of Roxtus openly roam the desert, attacking caravans of Agori and stealing anything they can get their hands on. Glatorians are captured or left to the mercy of the hot desert sands.

Into this unsettled land one evening comes a bright streak, a flaming meteor that streaks through the sky near Vulcanus village. Curious eyes track the white-hot object while it plummets to the ground and plows a crater into the desert. As it cools, the Kanohi Ignika, Mask of Life and container for the consciousness of Mata Nui, rises up in a whirlwind of sand and light. A body forms beneath the mask, a golden seven-foot tall figure. As the light fades, the figure settles to the ground and stumbles. Mata Nui is not used to a mere seven foot tall body; his previous form towered miles above the waters of Aqua Magna, and this one would take some getting used to.

His first acquaintance is a small scarabax bug. Unsteadily, Mata Nui just manages to avoid stepping on the tiny insect, and is rewarded when the scarabax touches the Mask of Life, which transforms the insect into a gleaming shield. Mata Nui’s second acquaintance is not so friendly – a Vorox attacks, and even with his new shield, he barely manages to defend himself from the snarling creature.

Mata Nui finally receives some answers when Metus, a travelling Agori, pulls up in a cobbled-together vehicle and drives him to Vulcanus village. Metus explains about Bara Magna on the drive to the fire village.

There is a lot for Mata Nui to learn.

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