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Another World Memory Game by Lachie / Dean Janic
AntiMan by Lithium
ArKade by KiZ
Battle Pong by Lithium
Behold: Space Invaders by SJ Zero
Bored II by Z!re
Bounce by Kevin / (x.t.r.GRAPHICS)
Bungy the worm by lurah
Caddy Rampage by Deleter
CSGP: Hurry Chef by E. Devaux / Redcrab
CSGP: Rain Drop by E. Devaux / Redcrab
CSGP: Sleep Walker by E. Devaux / Redcrab
CSGP: Too Much Cement by E. Devaux / Redcrab
CSPG: Bouncing Stuntman by E. Devaux / Redcrab
Dark Ages by SJ Zero and Mike Hoopman
Deep Deadly Dungeons by Richard Clark
Deep Deadly Dungeons ASCII by Richard Clark
FB Chess by Sysophon2001
Flow Control by Mambazo
FreeBASIC Sokoban by Peter Bakota
Gem Hunt by speedlemon
Hungry Jocke by Ryan
Kingdoms by Piptol / Marcus Kasumba
Lynn's Legacy by Josiah Tobin and Cha0s
Mirkwood: Middle Earth Tale III by Jocke The Beast and Sotsvart
Petals by Alan8r
Pong Flashback by John Kreitlow
Poxie by Lachie / Dean Janic
Rambo Vs. Kitty Cat by SJ Zero
Red Jump Ball by Ryan
simpleFB shooter by ChangeV / Jaws-V soft
SkeeBall by Dr_D
Slide Pong by Deleter
sokoban by retsyo
Sokoban 3D by Dr_D and Zap
Soldier's Misfortune by Michael Miller
Space Invaders by Deleter
Star Cage by Lachie / Dean Janic
Star Phalanx by SJ Zero
Tablut by Jurgen Bermann
Tera by Deleter
The Fascinating Discovery by Erik
The Griffon Legend by Syn9
The Quest For Opa Opa! by na_th_an and aetherFox
The Secret of Cooey by tunginobi and DarkDread
Tubez by Dr_D
Vector X 2006 by Lachie / Dean Janic & Dan McFa
Visna by HienTau
Wetspot by Angelo Mottola
WordGuess by lurah
Youngster Matchcards by Alexander Pritchard