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RefSeek: Search Engine for Students and Researchers

For all students, scientists and researchers who are looking for academic information from different sources such as documents, web pages, encyclopedias, journals and newspapers, there is a new search engine I found today.

It is called RefSeek. Refseek can be compared to Google Scholar in some ways but it has more to offer. Not only it indexes one billion reference documents but it also indexes more than scientific and educational sites.

RefSeek offers search narrowing feature which can really help finding resources of your interest. User interface of RefSeek is really simple, clean and finding information is very easy. RefSeek does not claim to offer more results than Google; instead, it excludes any results not related to science, research and academia which is a big plus point when you are searching for specific material.

Well mates there you have an alternate to Google scholar which does offer some competition and positive points, and is worth a try. You will find solid search results in most of the cases from RefSeek whereas he same query on Google will bring some commercial and less relevant results at high priority.

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