LED lighting systems

EcoCentury has exclusive North American rights to LED lighting systems by Advanced Thermal Devices, a leader in innovative lighting technology that has developed effective and efficient systems designed to reduce energy intake. ATD’s outdoor systems are used for street-side lighting, are fully sealed, and have excellent lifespans (> 50,000 hours).

Our most popular units utilize high brightness LED emitters to produce between 5300 and 11900 lumens with an average illumination area of 12 meters. Unit cooling is controlled by ATD’s globally-patented Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) technology.

Outdoor Luminaire installations in Taiwan University (150W) and Taichung City (100W).

Outdoor Luminaire street lamps

The Outdoor Luminaire lineup consists of five separate models, with output varying between 25 and 180 watts. The highest output model produces over 26 000 lumens (SL-400-R7), while other units produce 16 000 lumens (SL-250-R7), 11 900 lumens (SL-180), 7000 lumens (SL-150-R3-W2), 4200 lumens (SL-100-S2-W2) and 1300 lumens (SL-25-S1-W3).

The Outdoor Luminaire street lamps utilize ATD’s patented Loop Heat Pipe (LHP) technology, a heat-dissipation system that solves many of the overheating problems that have been associated with earlier LED lighting systems. LHP works by moving waste heat from the LED lamp head to the lamp case through copper pipe, where it dissipates without requiring the use of additional power. By shedding this excess heat, the lamp heads effectively solve LED thermal problems while extending the operational life of the units at the same time.

About Advanced Thermal Devices

Advanced Thermal Devices, Inc. (ATD) was founded in 2005 as an innovative thermal total solution technology company. Along with KongLin Tech Group, the New Energy Center of National Taiwan University and the Russian Academy of Sciences, ATD has developed a globally patented low-cost Loop Heat Pipe (LHP), which was originally for spacecraft usage. LHP systems can provide highly efficient and reliable heat dissipation service and can be applied to high-power LED lighting systems, computers, and high-performance electronic products.