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  1. #thingsilove: Understanding how my mind works, and changing it.
  2. Negative thoughts make us unhappy, positive thoughts deceive us; emancipation is in the moment, beyond the mind
  3. Happy to be part of a brotherhood of learning
  4. Missed my flight tonight :(
  5. I heard some stories about extended family today. My gosh, what incredible suffering! If only people knew the tools to change.
  6. To give thanks requires action! Swift and correct. How can we properly give thanks when we deserve nothing? Only by giving to others.
  7. Traveling home to see family.
  8. Going to go sing a mantra for a while. Looking for some inner stillness.
  9. Advice from the Magic Flute: Be steadfast, silent, and obedient
  10. While true that we create r own reality, thinking positively is merely an opposite to thinking negatively, and one follows the other in time
  11. Reflecting on the Kundalini. So many words and theories about it, how can I experience it directly?
  12. Vote for Lotus Foods: Lts Fds SRI rice reduces gas, water use, and supports small family farms worldwide.
  13. RT @nickpol RT @der_egotunnel: Man has heart attack, near-death out of body experience. Lives to tell the tale...
  14. @Princess_Nij Having an out of body experience changes your perspective a bit.
  15. Tonight we learned about gaining self-knowledge at the Bay Area Gnostic Center.
  16. Got a bad headache; hoping its not the tip of an ice-berg :|
  17. Worked at a booth at the SF Greenfest yesterday; wow, intense!
  18. Life: Many will enter, few will win
  19. Feeling determined to wake up in the astral plane.
  20. "Watch and Pray" was the heritage left by the Christ for the courageous (from the Flight of the Feathered Serpent)