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Core-Lokt® Centerfire

Remington Core-Lokt – a reputation deserved. Hunters with a knack for filling their deer tag tend to have more than success in common. They trust their hunt to Remington Core-Lokt. For more than six decades, it has remained the leader in centerfire deer ammunition. And deservedly so.

The Core-Lokt bullet design is the original controlled-expansion bullet – and one of the most effective ever developed. Its progressively tapered copper jacket is locked to a solid lead core, promoting perfectly controlled expansion and high weight retention for absolutely dependable on-game results. You’ll find its time-proven performance in both soft point and pointed soft point versions – and in a range of bullet weights for virtually every centerfire hunting caliber made.
Core-Lokt Soft Point

Soft point shape provides broad frontal area for high energy impact and rapid expansion. Bullet cores are “Lokt” in place to provide deep penetration. Jackets designed for progressive, reliable expansion to almost twice the original diameter.


Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point

Spitzer shape profile for improved velocity and flatter trajectory. Bullet cores are mechanically locked in place to provide deep penetration. Jackets designed for progressive, reliable expansion to almost twice the original diameter.

Bronze Point® Tipped

Introduced by Remington, these were the first bullets to utilize a tipped design. Exceptional long-range performance on medium-sized game. Sleek profile generates flat trajectory. On impact, the bronze tip is driven backward to create rapid, but controlled expansion. Aerodynamic tip for superior long-range ballistics and rapid expansion.

Power-Lokt® Hollow Point

Another breakthrough from Remington. Power-Lokt delivers unmatched performance for small game and varmint hunting. The thin copper jacket is electrolytically plated to the lead core for near-perfect concentricity and gyroscopic balance. The result? Dead-on, benchrest-type accuracy with instant fragmentation on impact. Plated copper jacket for superior accuracy and instant fragmentation on impact

Caliber Order No. Weight Grs. Bullet Style
Core-Lokt®, Bronze Point® &  Power-Lokt® Centerfire Ammunition
   17 Remington R17R2 25 HP
   22 Hornet R22HN1 45 PSP
   22 Hornet R22HN2 45 HP
   220 Swift R220S1 50 PSP
   222 Remington R222R1 50 PSP
   222 Remington R222R3 50 Power-Lokt®, HP
   223 Remington R223R1 55 PSP
  223 Remington R223R2 55 Power-Lokt, HP
   223 Remington R223R3 55 MC
   22-250 Remington R22501 55 PSP
   22-250 Remington R22502 55 Power-Lokt, HP
   6mm Remington R6MM4 100 Core-Lokt, PSP
   243 Win R243W1 80 PSP
   243 Win R243W2 80 Power-Lokt, HP
   243 Win R243W3 100 Core-Lokt, PSP
    25-06 Remington R25062 100 Core-Lokt, PSP
    25-06 Remington R25063 120 Core-Lokt, PSP
   25-20 Win R25202 86 SP
   250 Savage R250SV 100 PSP
    257 Roberts R257 117 Core-Lokt®, SP
    6.5X55 Swedish Mauser R65SWE1 140 Core-Lokt, PSP
    6.5mm Remington Magnum R65MM2 120 Core-Lokt, PSP
    260 Remington R260R1 140 Core-Lokt, PSP
    264 Win Mag R264W2 140 Core-Lokt, PSP
   6.8mm Remington SPC R68R1 115 OTM
   6.8mm Remington SPC R68R2 115 MC
   270 Win R270W1 100 PSP
   270 Win R270W2 130 Core-Lokt, PSP
   270 Win R270W3 130 BR PT
   270 Win R270W4 150 Core-Lokt, SP
    270 WSM R270WSM1 130 Core-Lokt, PSP
    280 Remington R280R1 150 Core-Lokt, PSP
    280 Remington R280R2 165 Core-Lokt, SP
    280 Remington R280R3 140 Core-Lokt, PSP
    7mm-08 Remington R7M081 140 Core-Lokt, PSP
   7mm-08 Remington R7M082 120 HP
    7mm Remington Magnum R7MM2 150 Core-Lokt, PSP
    7mm Remington Magnum R7MM3 175 Core-Lokt, PSP
    7mm Remington Magnum R7MM4 140 Core-Lokt, PSP
    7mm STW R7MSTW1 140 Core-Lokt, PSP
    7mm Mauser (7x57) R7MSR1 140 Core-Lokt, PSP
    7mm Remington SA Ultra Mag PR7SM2 150 Core-Lokt, PSP
   30 Carbine R30CAR 110 SP
  30 Remington AR R30RAR1 125 Core-Lokt, Sp
    30-30 Win R30301 150 Core-Lokt, SP
    30-30 Win R30302 170 Core-Lokt, SP
    30-30 Win R30303 170 Core-Lokt, HP
   30-30 Win R3030A 55 Accelerator®, SP
    30-40 Krag R30402 180 Core-Lokt, PSP
   30-06 Springfield R30061 125 PSP
    30-06 Springfield R30062 150 Core-Lokt, PSP
   30-06 Springfield R30063 150 BR PT
    30-06 Springfield R30064 180 Core-Lokt, SP
    30-06 Springfield R30065 180 Core-Lokt, PSP
   30-06 Springfield R30066 180 BR PT
    30-06 Springfield R30067 220 Core-Lokt, SP
    30-06 Springfield R3006B 165 Core-Lokt, PSP
   30-06 Springfield R30069 55 Accelerator, PSP
    300 Savage R30SV2 150 Core-Lokt®, PSP
    300 Savage R30SV3 180 Core-Lokt, SP
    300 WSM R300WSM1 150 Core-Lokt, PSP
    300 Win Mag R300W1 150 Core-Lokt, PSP
    300 Win Mag R300W2 180 Core-Lokt, PSP
    300 Weatherby Mag R300WB1 180 Core-Lokt, PSP
   303 British R303B1 180 Core-Lokt, SP
    7.62 x 39mm R762391 125 PSP
    7.62 x 39mm R308ME1 150 Core-Lokt, SP
   308 Marlin Express R308W1 150 Core-Lokt, PSP
    308 Win R308W2 180 Core-Lokt, SP
    308 Win R308W3 180 Core-Lokt, PSP
    300 Remington SA Ultra Mag PR300SM2 165 Core-Lokt, PSP
    8mm Mauser (8x57) R8MSR 170 Core-Lokt, SP
  32-20 Win R32201 100 Lead
  338 Lapua Mag RM338LMR1 250 Scenar
  32 Win Special R32WS2 170 Core-Lokt, SP
  338 Win Mag R338W1 225 Core-Lokt, PSP
  338 Win Mag R338W2 250 Core-Lokt, PSP
  338 Remington Ultra Mag PR338UM2 250 Core-Lokt, PSP
  35 Remington R35R1 150 Core-Lokt, PSP
  35 Remington R35R2 200 Core-Lokt, SP
  35 Whelen R35WH1 200 Core-Lokt, PSP
  35 Whelen R35WH3 250 PSP
  350 Remington Magnum R350M1 200 Core-Lokt, PSP
  375 H&H Mag R375M1 270 SP
  375 Remington Ultra Mag PR375UM2 270 SP
  444 Marlin R444M 240 SP
  450 Bushmaster R450B1 250 Core-Lokt, SP
  44-40 Win R4440W 200 SP
  45-70 Govt R4570G 405 SP
  45-70 Govt R4570L 300 SJHP