The Early Days
In 1947, Phil Erickson convinced Dick Van Dyke, then a radio DJ in Danville, IL, to
join him in forming a comedy duo called the "Merry Mutes." They hit the nightclub circuit on the west coast and performed a pantomime act, lip synching lyrics to old 78 records. In the early 50's they moved to Atlanta and performed a "live" NBC television show that included original skits, black-outs and music… most of which Phil and Dick wrote the night before!!! 

Wits' End is formed
In the mid 50's, Dick moved on to New York. Phil opened the first cabaret dinner theatre in Atlanta called Wits' End, where he organized the Wits' End Players. The group made fun of the South (Atlanta in particular) and Southerners, and they were a huge hit. Tearin' up Peachtree was on the lips of most everyone who saw the Wits' End Players. 

The Wits' End Players entertained U.S. Presidents and received a key to the city of Atlanta. Ever the mentors, Phil and Nancy launched many other famous comedians and comedy writers. (Several Wits' End alumni went on to Saturday Night Live and feature films.)

The Acorn Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree
In 1987, Phil and Nancy's sons, Steve and Jamey Erickson, decided to form Wits' End Productions, a corporate video production firm. Phil and Nancy contributed ideas and often made cameo appearances in the first Wits' End Productions videos. As the client base quickly broadened, Steve and Jamey received requests for additional services, and Wits' End Productions soon offered special event production and live marketing for the trade show environment.

Today, Wits' End Productions is a successful corporate production company. As a result of our history, we continue to receive requests for everything from the unconventional to the downright insane.

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