Byrd, Rodriguez decline arbitration

Marlon Byrd and Ivan Rodriguez both turned down arbitration. Both feel there is a better deal out there than a one-year contract with the Rangers.



I've seen some people slamming Pudge for not staying here and retiring with the Rangers. C'mon folks, he's given us the hometown discount at the peak of his career. Who among you would turn down 2 years at $6 million? I wouldn't. Pudge is as great as ever and it was good that we got one final taste of him in a Rangers uniform last year. I wish him well. I think we're fine with Teagarden, Max Ramirez, and hopefully a healthy Salty. Do we really have any less depth at catcher than we did last year? Tap the brakes on the hunt for a veteran catcher. Let's continue to develop the young guys. Teagarden may be a bit overmatched at the plate right now, but he is sound defensively and as a signal caller. I'm happy with what we have and the other needs are greater.

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