1987-2007 AND BEYOND

Combining two landmark reports comparing international changes in law, political expression, media and technology, and analysing repression and censorship of the media, arts, media workers and particular groups.
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"Drawing on 20 years of research and advocacy, this website reflects on the political, economic and technological developments of the past two decades, assesses the state of play today, and points to the challenges of tomorrow. Its regional overviews and detailed country entries throw light on the progress of freedom of expression in every region of the world." - Speaking Out for Free Expression 2008
"This is a report on the right to freedom of expression in the world and how that right is denied through censorship. It is a contribution by a new human rights organization, ARTICLE 19, established to combat censorship and to secure proper recognition and protection throughout the world for this fundamental right of the individual." - World Report 1988
photo of the book cover
speaking out for freedom of speechspeaking out for freedom of speech
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