Palm Pre - A Hacker Paradise?

Speaker Name Stefan Schmidt
Organization Freelance FOSS Hacker
Type Tech Talk (Hacker Session)
Scope Technical
Abstract With the Palm Pre and webOS Palm gave their comeback to the consumer industries.
The webOS system turned out to be kind of a hacker paradise. The GNU/Linux based
system is well designed and keeps up with a lot famous FOSS technologies like
upstart, dbus, webkit, gstreamer, pulseaudio, etc.

Furthermore, in contrast to almost all other new linux based devices, it does
not require any cryptographic signatures for re-flashing the system.

Combine these hackability level on the software side with a hardware that is
based on the powerful and publicly documented OMAP3 SoC from TI and you can see
why hackers are so interesting in this device.

In this talk we will describe our journey in the deeps of the device and the
knowledge we brought back. It will be talked about the system level architecture
of webOS as well as reverse engineering efforts on the modem communication
protocol and finally the work on a based system with 100% FOSS
on the Palm Pre.
Speaker Profile Stefan Schmidt is computer science student and freelance FOSS hacker. His focus
over the last 4 years has been linux on smartphones. During this time period he
was involved in all kind of projects that would lead towards a mobile device
that offers you the same freedom as a desktop PC is doing today.

Beside doing FOSS development he likes scuba-diving and snowboarding.

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