Training Program Basics
Weeks 1-4: Begins September 22
Weeks 5-8: Begins October 20
Weeks 9-12: Begins November 17

  • Encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle to individuals and families of all ages by participating in the Mayors 5k Fun Run & Walk, a fun, low cost, non-competitive activity.

  • Create an opportunity to enhance family fitness resulting in a healthier community.

  • Create an opportunity to participate in associated activities surrounding the MetroPCS Dallas White Rock Marathon Presented by Nexbank weekend such as the Health & Fitness Expo.

This program is designed for families and/or kids age 5 and older, with the following fitness levels in mind:

Kids or adults who do not currently exercise should follow the “Basic” program

Kids and adults who are currently active two to three times per week for at least 20-30 minutes per session can follow the “Intermediate” program.

Kids or adults are those who consistently run, walk or jog or do other vigorous activity three to six times a week, for 25 minutes up to one hour or more, are ready to walk or run the Mayors 5k now! Advanced exercisers are encouraged to follow the Basic or Intermediate preparation if they are encouraging a child or non-exercising family member to prepare for the Mayor’s 5k.

Children under 5 have the opportunity to participate in a 1 mile event! Parents can push toddlers in a stroller or baby-jogger in the 5k.

Cross Training
Cross training is encouraged once or twice a week (or more) for all ages. Total exercise time should always include 3-5 minutes of very easy warm up and 3-5 minutes of very easy cool down. For example, if you walk or jog on Tuesday and Thursday, and Saturday or Sunday, an alternative activity can be done alternate days, or two days per week. Family bike rides, pick up soccer games, games of tag in the backyard or any activity that is enjoyed by the whole family is a great way to stay active! Bottom line for success: make exercise fit in your schedule and adjust the days as needed. Stay committed and be creative. If it is pouring outside, turn on your family’s favorite tunes and have a dance off!

The easiest way to be sure you're jogging or walking at the desired pace is to use a heart rate monitor, but many simply learn over time how their bodies “feel” at certain paces. Use the “talk test” to get started. You may be sweating and breathing may be more rapid, but if you can still talk, you are doing great. If you are unable to talk, you are moving too fast, so slow down!

The cardinal rule for the new exerciser, jogger, or someone returning to running, is to be patient. You're brimming with enthusiasm and looking for tips, but your body needs time to adapt to this new activity. It's important to build gradually so you can stay injury free. Follow these guidelines:

  • Run, walk or jog more slowly than you think you should the first couple of weeks and insert walk segments if you are starting a jogging program.

  • Run, walk or jog more often than you think you should, but for shorter time or distance.

  • Make sure the whole family is in proper footwear---it’s the most important investment you can make when exercising.

Understand the benefits of activity the most efficient way – and keep it interesting, fun and varied. Basic exercisers – just make time put in the time at an easy pace! Intermediate exercisers – longer walks or runs should generally not make up more than 25% of total weekly mileage or exercise time.

Ready to get started? Click here for the schedule for Weeks 1-4.