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Did you know that the first cervical vertebra – the atlas – is completely dislocated (luxated) in most humans? And that this circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses, which can definitely be corrected?

This was discovered by Swiss René-Claudius Schuemperli, himself painfully affected by luxation, and who between 1993 and 1996 developed a revolutionary method which returns the atlas back into its correct position.


The model shows a dislocated (luxated) atlas. The atlas is dislocated to the left side.

Depending on the rotation angle, a luxated atlas causes a reduction of the volume of the skull opening and the vertebral canal.

Thereby, the spinal cord, different cranial nerves and other nerve tracts are all exposed to continuous pressure. At the same time, always caused by the dislocated atlas, the vertebral arteries, the carotid artery, various other vessels and lymphatics are all constricted.
The dislocated atlas is the main cause of dysfunction in the body and the psyche, of pain, disability, infirmity, and degeneration.




Everything depends on the Atlas !

The continuous pressure on the spinal cord, the cerebral nerves, various arteries and vessels, etc., causes severe physical and mental disturbances, ailments and illnesses. Because the atlas carries not only the skull, but also constitutes SUSPENSION, BALANCE AND CONTROL of the spine and the human skeleton, in addition to other health impairments, a luxated atlas causes serious disturbances and changes in the posture.

The results are symptomatic ailments and illnesses, such as neck pain, stiff neck, back pain, lumbago, herniated disk, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, scoliotic pelvis, pain in the hip joints, knee pain, meniscus and other illnesses of the knee, difference in leg length, etc.

Rotation of the pelvis

An example of the interferences and changes of the posture caused by a dislocated (luxated) atlas is the scoliotic pelvis.








Your atlas should be in
this position, as intended by nature

R.C. Schuemperli developed a method, which is unique world-wide, to remove the luxation of the atlas with only one application, accurately, safely and permanently. It allows the atlas to return back into it's natural position.

A later follow-up with additional support for the self-healing process is essential.
The body (especially the neck and the back) must be supported and cared for with regular massage, whether manually, with massage machines, or in specially equipped pools.

When the atlas is in its correct position, the brain can finally function undisturbed again. It feels like it wants to catch up with what it could not create in harmony before – it sets valuable self-healing and regenerative processes into course. The entire human organism begins to function better.

In addition, other treatments and therapies can better unfold their effect by a corrected position of the atlas.

Warning !
Body cells and organs do not, however, regenerate themselves overnight. After the removal of the luxation by the ATLASPROFILAX® method, the organism reacts according to the physical and psychological condition of each individual.

In that way, good health is soon restored for many, but others, especially those whose organism never functioned correctly and with full capacity to begin with, must endure more patience.

Possible reactions during the regeneration process

Noticeable reactions, which can occur every now and then either immediately after the ATLASPROFILAX® application, or only weeks or even months later, are an indication of the fact that self-healing is in full course. The following rule of thumb applies: The more a body and psyche were ill, the stronger the reactions will turn out.

Possible reactions range from severe tiredness, which can point to serious metastases, to muscle tension around the neck region, the back and the lumbar, up to previous and not completely healed diseases, which temporarily and in changed form may rise again.

Therefore, observe your body carefully, record in writing all changes in your well-being, and support the self healing process by regular neck and back massages, as well as baths.
Unfortunately, there
are some borderline cases, within which an already too severely ill and long-term disordered human organism may no longer be re-built.

It is indicated to apply it with children as early as possible, so that they can grow up healthily and develop optimally.



The ATLASPROFILAX® method can and may only be practiced safely by a specialist – an Atlasprof® – who was educated and certified at the ATLAS ACADEMY® in Sierre/Siders, Valais (Switzerland). The method is non-medicinal; it requires absolutely no diagnostics.


Important further information

That the Atlas is completely dislocated (luxated) in practically every human being was revealed in 1993 for the first time in the world by René-Claudius Schümperli.

On 25 June 1996 he was the first person in the world to definitively reposition a dislocated Atlas, accurately and without danger, in a single session.

To date (February 2003), he has repositioned the Atlas of about 20,000 persons.


Complete dislocation (luxation) of the Atlas is not to be confused with "subluxation", i.e. minimal displacement or "micro-displacement" (!) of the Atlas, which may be "adjusted" or "suppressed".

The teaching of the "subluxation" or "micro-displacement" of the Atlas is a dramatically false doctrine!

Either the Atlas is in its right place, as nature designed it to be, or else it is completely dislocated (luxated).

For anatomical and mechanical reasons, there can be strictly nothing between the two, neither minimal displacement of a few hundredths of a millimetre ("micro-displacement") nor a more pronounced displacement called "sub-luxation" of the Atlas.

You just need to take a close look at a model of the cranium–Atlas-axis to understand how matters really stand!

Any child can understand that "sub-luxation" or "micro-displacement" of the Atlas can simply not occur.


"Specialists" who claim that they can "adjust" or "suppress" a minimal displacement (even of a few hundredths of a millimetre), known as a "sub-luxation" or "micro-displacement" of the Atlas, practice a dramatically erroneous and very dangerous method!!

The truth is that, with their ignorant manipulation and adjustment (of the lower cervical vertebrae too!) during numerous "obligatory" sessions, they shift an Atlas that is already completely dislocated into an EVEN WORSE POSITION !!!



Read the book of René-Claudius Schümperli, which deals with this highly topical subject! title:

Illness, pain, invalidity, degeneration, premature death


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