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Latest Publications

CCA Final Working Draft (English, 0,7 MB I Arabic, 2.0 MB)
CCA Iraq 2009 Presentation (English, 1.5 MB I Arabic, 1.3 MB)
Monthly Statistical Update on Return, UNHCR, Sep 2009 (English, 0,5 MB)
Iraq Housing Market Study, UN-HABITAT, 2009 (English, 0,5 MB)
The United Nations in Iraq - Frequently Asked Questions, Oct 2009 (English, 0.2 MB I Arabic, 0,2 MB)
Survey of Infiltration Karez in Northern Iraq, UNESCO, Sep 2009 (English, 1,7 MB)
Housing & Shelter in Iraq Fact Sheet, IAU/UN-HABITAT, Oct 2009 (English, 1.0 MB I Arabic, 0,3 MB)
Research to Improve the Effectiveness of INGO Activities and Future Humanitarian Coordination in Iraq, NRC, Aug 2009 (English, 3.2 MB)
Weekly AFP surveillance feed back for Iraq, Aug 2009 (English, 0,4 MB)
UN-WHD Press Release (English, 0,1 MB I Arabic, 0,1 MB)
The Humanitarian Situation in Iraq Fact Sheet, IAU, Aug 2009 (English, 0,3 MB I Arabic, 0,4 MB)


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