• Park Chunghee
  • Pseudonym : Choongsoo (It means center of a tree)
Date of Birth
  • In 1917 Place of Birth: Sangmo-ri, Gumi, Kyoungbuk
  • Father: Park Sungbin
  • Mother: Bek Nameui
  • The last born among 5 sons and 2 daughters
Academic Background
  • 1924 Entered Gumi Elementary School
  • 1937 Entered Daegu National College of Education
  • 1942 Finished Two Years Reserve Course at the Second Manchuria Military School
  • 1946 Entered the Second Chosun Security School (forerunner of Military Academy)
  • 1957 Finished Military Staff College
Family Background
  • Wife : Yuk Youngsoo (Married on Dec. 12, 1950)
  • First Daughter : Park Keunhae
  • Second Daughter : Park Keunyoung
  • First Son : Park Jiman
Career Background
  • 1937 ~ 1940 Took the position of teacher at Moonkyung Elementary School
  • 1946 ~ Commissioned as the Army Captain
  • 1950 ~ Worked as the Manager of the 1st Section of Intelligence Bureau in the Army
  • 1953 ~ Commissioned as Brigadier General
  • 1955 ~ Commissioned as 5th Division Commander
  • 1957 ~ Commissioned as 7th Division Commander
  • 1958 ~ Commissioned as Major General
  • 1960 ~ Commissioned as Deputy Commander-in-Chief
  • 1961 ~ Led the Military Revolution on May 16
  • 1961 ~ 1963 Took Office as the 2nd Chairman of the Supreme Council of National Reconstruction
  • 1962 ~ 1963 Served as the Acting President
  • 1962 ~ 1962 Served as the Head of the Cabinet
  • 1963 ~ Dismissed from Military Service as the Army General
  • 1963 ~ 1979 Served as the 2nd President of the Democratic Republic Party
  • 1963 ~ 1967 Elected as the 5th President
  • 1967 ~ 1971 Elected as the 6th President
  • 1971 ~ 1972 Elected as the 7th President
  • 1972 ~ Served as the Chairman of the Unification Promoting National Committee
  • 1972 ~ 1978 Elected as the 8th President
  • 1978 ~ 1979 Elected as the 9th President
  • 1979 ~ Assasinated by the Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency, Kim Jaekyu.
Major Writings
  • The Way that Our People Should Go
  • A Theory of Leader
  • My Fatherland, Revolution and Me
  • Potential Strength of a People
  • The Way of National Restoration
Park Chunghee
President Park Chunghee was born at Gumi, Gyeongsangbuk-do in 1917. His pseudonym is Joongsoo (It meams center of a tree).

After he gradated from Gumi Elementary School and Daegu National College of Education, he worked as a teacher at Moonkyong elementary school during 1937~40.

He finished the two years reserve course at the 2nd Manchuria Military School in 1942. Graduated from Japanese Military Academy in 1944. Graduated the 2nd Military Academy in 1946. Later he served as the Deputy Chief of Staff for the Opeartion of the ROK Army Headquarters. He was commissioned as the 2nd Deputy Commander-in-Chief.

Then he led a military revolution on May 16, 1961 and was inaugurated as the chairman of the Supreme Council of National Reconstruction in July of that year. Holding the additional office of the Acting President in 1962, he was dismissed from military service as the Army General in 1963. After he was selected as the President of the Democratic Republic Party and elected as the 5th President. Then, he was elected as the 6th President in 1967, as the 7th President in 1971 and elected as the chairman of the Unification Promoting National Committee.

And due to his enforcement of the October Yushin (Revitalizing Reforms), he was elected as the 8th President in October of the year and he was inaugurated as the 9th President in 1978. In 1979, he was assasinated by the Chief of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, Kim Jaekyu.

Especially, he achieved a great work of national modernization and restoration during his presidency, also he accomplished economic development called "Miracle of the Han River." He was the leader who raised the Republic of Korea which had been classified as the poorest country in the world to the ranks of the developing countries.