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Rowland S. Howard
Thursday 25 November  1999 
Presented by Clinton Walker

rowland In 1976 Howard formed the infamous Young Charlatans and wrote what is possibly Australia's most enduring cult hit "Shivers". One year later, he left to join the Boys Next Door (later The Birthday Party) with Nick Cave.
Upon their arrival in London they received greater critical acclaim than any other Australian band since the Easy Beats. Sadly the band dissolved in 1983.
Since then Rowland has played with Crime & The City Solution, American agent provocateur: Lydia Lunch, a brooding French pop band called Kas Produkt, The Bad Seeds, Barry Adamson, and Primal Scream leading finally to These Immortal Souls a group designed as a vehicle for the many songs Rowland has written over the years.
Not long after his return to Melbourne in 1994, he began to perform a one man show, and in 2000 recorded his first solo album, "Teenage Snuff Film".

Rowland S. Howard - Vocals, guitar
Brian Hooper - Bass
Mick Harvey - Drums
Edward Clayton Jones - Keyboard

Dead Radio
She Cried
White Wedding
Exit Everything

Rowland S. Howard

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