Winter Coverfolk, 2009: Snow Songs


I had a totally different entry planned for this weekend, I swear. But outside, the flakes are falling thick and fast in the first snowfall of the season. And inside, for the first time in a very, very long time, my heart is singing, loud and clear in the otherwise-quiet of a snow-hushed world.

It starts in earnest just after supper. By the time I clean up and make my way outside, there’s a two-foot-high snowman, squat and cheerful, looking up at me, the elderchild’s scarf wrapped tightly around its lumpen neck. The kittens are startled, stepping daintily into the white stuff. Somewhere out there in the almost-dark, my little girls shriek gleefully in the dark, their faces to the sky.

I find them, and the girls and I chase each other across the white lawn, leaving footprints and snow angels in their wake. The wee one wins the snowball fight. We destroy the snowman, and make another, as tall as the elderchild. After photographs from the porch, Mama makes us tea, and we drink it together around the kitchen counter, our fingers tingling against the warm mugs, our cheeks flushed and burning bright.

The magic of winter has truly arrived. Let’s celebrate with songs of snow.

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  1. Nosila

    I was never a fan of Anne Murray’s snowbird, but I LOVE this version!

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