Spotify signs licensing deal with CD Baby


We’re really pleased to announce today that we’ve signed the world’s premier distributor of independent music to Spotify, starting this spring we’ll be adding music from the CD Baby to our growing catalogue. They have over 250,000 artists that they distribute directly to the public and with this agreement it means that we get access to over one million new tracks.

CD Baby is a great addition to our catalogue as they have thousands of smaller, independent artists that you may not have heard of. This is important for us, as we want to provide not only the biggest bands in Spotify but also an opportunity for smaller acts to get noticed and gain an audience. We’ll provide more details of the artists we’re adding once we start getting the content from CD Baby and albums appears on Spotify. Welcome aboard CD Baby!

By Andres Sehr

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Great news! This means that Joe Purdy will be back soon :-)


Bästa nyheten hittills.


Awesome news, I’ve been silently hoping that a deal like this would be made. There are alot of good artists on CD Baby and their addition to the diversity of Spotify is something that I for one will appreciate greatly.


Great news. I love you Spotify!

For news about newly added albums and artists in Spotify, please visit my blog Spotifynews:


Well done, we can access other artist other than POP britney Hopefully more world music!


Absolutely fantastic. I’ve been waiting for this.


Will the albums under CD Baby’s control have regional restrictions or will they be available at the same time everywhere?


Wow this is really good news! I really enjoy some artists that distribute through CD Baby.


digithead: From what I understand (being in business with CDBABY myself) their digital distributions deal(which the Spotify-license undoubtedly falls under) that they make with artists is world-wide non-exclusive. Which basically means that CDBABY may market and sell the material world-wide. They have shown reluctance to implement regional restrictions even when asked by us (because our german distributor wanted exclusive rights for Germany). Based on this I would say that it is highly unlikely that any regional restrictions will be applied to the CDBABY material.

andres: Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Another question: The blog entry is a bit ambiguous. Will you import the entire CDBABY catalogue, or just portions of it?


digithead - I’m looking to confirm whether there will be regional restrictions and will get back to you.

konnykruka - We don’t have access to the entire catalogue but the vast majority will be available. I do not know what will or won’t be included, we’ll update more as we get content.


Hopefully this means David Rovics will be back soon. I noticed that a Bio was up for him now.


Amazing :) Thank you for this, I love it.


Great! Spotify is here to stay. Thank you for your great work! :)


Amazing you guys! The only genres I am missing is J-rock, J-pop and visual kei, if you could add those neat stuff then I bet most people would be in heaven. :)


Andres: Right. It is up to every label and artist distributing their physical cds via CDBABY to include digital distribution or not on an album basis. While most CDBABY labels & artists go for this option, there is a small percentage that doesn’t. Is it safe to assume that the licensing deal with Spotify will include their entire _digital_ distribution catalogue, as opposed their entire distribution catalogue?


Congrats guys! Really looking forward to it. One thing that’s not working for me as well as I’d hope if the discovery of new music I like. I would like to see the music the my friends are listening around me and jumping in and out of their playlists without the need for them to post a separate link of their playlist. I would love it to be as easy and quick as 123. Looking forward to seeing much more build around the love of the music =)


nice :) looked at CD-baby and i like didnt knowed so many off the artists…anyway Every Avenue and Reel Big Fish had some cd’s on CD-baby…


digithed - To answer your question, the large majority will be available worldwide, however there will likely be a few exceptions that will be restricted in certain countries.


Spotifynews becomes Spotinews. Still updates about new releases in Spotify.


One step in the right direction after totally trashing the playlists. Better late then never, *thumbs up* for this! : )


One label to concentrate to sign to the Swedish listeners. Konichiwa Records!!!

We want Robyn!


Great! Now you can get my album Serendipity on Spotify even :)

I just love them CDBaby people.


Ah! Nice. I was hoping for Black Mark productions with bands like Cemetary and Morgana Lefay would be included. Maybe next time then!


Very nice, they have many interesting jazz artists and i am looking forward to discover new music from their music catalogue… :-)


For independant music , it would be good to make a partnership with Tunecore too.


Outstanding news!


<strong>Spotify får över en miljon nya låtar från CD Baby…</strong>

Spotify har skrivit avtal med CD Baby, som ger oss användare tillgång till över en miljon nya låtar! Det bockar och tackar vi för. Jag hoppas att det kommer fler sådana här avtal framöver, och det är jag säker på att det gör. Det syntes ett…


Shit. Fasiken va mycket musik som försvunnit senaste veckorna. Va händer? Äre på väg att krascha?


Really awesome! Saw this on my website spotiSHARE! Ive got your rss feed pulling in your updates. Thanks Spotify!

Check out spotiSHARE here:
spotiSHARE | find share play


Woohoo, Jimmy Mancus @ Spotify :) Can’t wait..


this must be good as everyone is so happy so horray!


This is awesome. Andres.. Could you pull some string to get the KATE MICUCCI - Songs album added quickly? ;D


Good but not good enough. As of today I’ve cancelled my subscription.

RIAA and IFPI, are you reading this? At some level I’ve sympathized with your anguish and horror at piracy but now I’m just fed up with your whining and inflexible business models. If you can’t help Spotify, you can’t help yourselves and no one is coming for the rescue.

Over and out.


The main reason spotify for not playing USA is your RIAA d”"k heads…
” The reason why it’s not available Stateside yet is that Spotify hasn’t been able to make the same licensing deals with the RIAA that they have with the UK labels.”


Maybe if spotify touches USA google could buy them out !!!


fabulous news! CDBABY is the best!


Mycket bra, artister som OG Ron C och DJ Screw har ju endel musik på CDBABY.

Snälla försök få Rappare I Samverkan att signa upp sig med spotify.
Då betalar jag gladligen en hundring i månaden :)


I am really surprised by the great work they are doing, adding a lot of new albums spotify and offering many improvements.

hope spotify last long, I enjoy much of this program.

I have a question: When I listen more CD of red hot chili peppers? or pass, like metallica, pink floyd and king crimson doesn’t appear on spotify? I Would greatly appreciate the response.


CD Baby is great.
I just hope you’ll start adding new albums with the most popular ones


This is great news, but today I cancelled my premium account because the recent song killing frenzy killed almost 90% of my playlists, which were mostly small-label punk and industrial.

I wish you good luck in the future but count me out for now.


My playlists were kind of killed as well, very disappointed. Keeping the premium for a while though.


This is great news. I have bought CDs and downloads from CDBaby before, and love the work they are doing for unsigned artists!


When are we going to see some more music from Metropolis Records?

One album from VNV nation is not going to cut it for me. I need more artists as well.
KMFDM, Combichrist, Flesh Field, Grendel to name a few.


Sweet! Welcome onboard cdbaby and Mad Midget! Bling bling cash is king!


I love you! <3 =D


Terrific - i buy a lot of cds thru cd baby for example gurf morlix - awesome, when do these tracks arrivig at spotify


Sweet! Hoping to see Jonathan Coulton on Spotify soon…


Hi Guys
Wanted to let you know that we are now also providing content to Spotify. So if you are an unsigned artist you can get your music on Spotify easily and simply!
W have a £25 package that gets you up on over 100 stores including Spotify , iTunes, Rhapsody , Amazon and loads of great others.

We charge 0% commission and we can also make you chart eligible.

Spotify IS rapidly becoming the fastest growing community on the net so it really is a great time to get your content on there.

If anyone has any questions at all please feel free to drop me an email

Great blog, lets keep pushing things forward for unsigned artists!



As a new member, and to hear that you have joined forceswith C D Baby, has really made my day, as I have used CD Baby for some time now , walter


I still can’t find any CD Baby artists from Spotify.


Avoid dittomusic! Waste of time and money!


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