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Written by

Leif Rberg


7/Dec 2009 at 16:37




Melodifestivalen 2010` -  SVT

31 of 32 artists revealed

Sweden reveals more artists for Melodifestivalen

The Swedish broadcaster SVT has today revealed the rest of the names taking part in the country's selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. There is only one more wildcard left before the line-up is complete.

Today's list includes new names and artist that has competed before. Pernilla Wahlgren has been in Melodifestivalen 1985 the first time with the song Piccadilly Circus. She came fourth. The second time she performed Tvillingsjälv in 1991, a song by her colleague Lena Philipsson. The song didn't make it all the way. In 2003 Pernilla made a comeback in a duet with Jan Johansen performing Let the spirit fly, which made it to a third place. In 2010 she is back with the song Jag vill om du vågar.

Another group that has been in the competion three times before is Alcazar. All their songs have reached the final. Those were Not a sinner nor a saint in 2003 (third place), Alcastar in 2005 (third place) and Stay the night in 2009 (fifth place). Their 2010 song is called Headlines.

Elin Lanto reached Second chance round in 2007 with the song Money, in 2010 she is back with the song Doctor Doctor. One of the debut artists in Melodifestivalen is Anna Bergendahl, known from Swedish Idol 2008.

The last wilcard will be announced by SVT later.

Heat 1, Örnsköldsvik 6 February 2010:

  • Jenny Silver - A place to stay
  • Jessica Andersson - I did it for loveSalem - Keep on walking
  • Ola - Unstoppable
  • Pain of Salvation - Road salt
  • Frispråkarn - Singel
  • Anders Ekborg - The saviour
  • Linda Pritchard - You're making me hot-hot-hot

Heat 2, Sandviken 13 February 2010:

  • Highlights & MiSt - Come and get me now
  • Andra Generationen & Dogge - Hippare Hoppare
  • Anna-Maria Espinosa - Innan alla ljusen brunnit ut
  • Hanna Lindblad - Manipulated
  • Kalle Moraeus & Orsa Spelmän - Underbart
  • Eric Saade -  Manboy
  • Andreas Johnson - We can work it out
  • plus one more wild card

Heat 3, Göteborg 20 Febuary 2010:

  • Elin Lanto - Doctor Doctor
  • Erik Linder - Hur kan jag tro på kärleken?
  • Timotej - Kom
  • Johannes Bah Kuhnke - Tonight
  • Getty - Yeba
  • Alcazar - Headlines
  • Crucified Barbara - Heaven or hell
  • Darin Zanyar - Out of my life

Heat 4, Malmö, 27 February 2010:

  • Peter Jöback - Hollow
  • Neo - Human frontier
  • Nån disciplin - Idiot
  • Pernilla Wahlgren - Jag vill om du vågar
  • Py Bäckman - Magisk stjärna
  • Sibel - Stop
  • Anna Bergendahl - This is my life
  • Lovestoned - Thursdays

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Marko For life loves Jovana [60087]
Wed 9 Dec 2009 18:39:40

@ Sara (K)
YEAH, I'm happy about that and about stage diver Mira Craig!! LOL :D :D :D thanks for interview!!! :)

mert arslan [36563]
Wed 9 Dec 2009 16:18:11

i realy love names

Vladimir P and Stockholm Calling:
Hehe, You can't expect me to get everything right. I did my best. It was a lot of hard work...hehe :P :)

Btw. nice to see you again Stocky ;)

Are you shocked that I had so much knowledge? LOL?`?
Btw. Happy that Elisabeth Carew will be in MGP next year?
Her song is an electro R&B song.. "The song "Rocket Fuel" is about to follow your dreams. It is written very fast, and half the song is freestyle, she says".

Here is what she answered to some questions about participating:

Why are you in the Eurovision Song Contest?
- Because ESC has been so incredibly large, and it is a privilege to participate. I see it as a great chance to show who I am as an artist.

What excites you the most?
- The revealing of the votes. I'm not particularly competitive, but it is insanely exciting to see who goes to the top!

What do you dread the most?
- What dread me most is the 20 minutes right before going on stage, they will be sickly intense, I know myself well!

How do you prepare yourself to the ESC?
- I'll make a wholeheartedly attempt to sing "Rocket Fuel" 100 times before the show, and practice everything so its built on autopilot!

Best ever ESC-song?
- I love "Nocturne"! So it's fun to compete against the composer behind this song!

My pleasure :) I agree, we need to hear the songs not only the artists and the title of the songs before we can judge the quality of the songs. :)

TK: Hello darlin'. You have woken up from your "ESC sleep" too....hehe ;p ;)

Great potential:
I agree! :) I love Kevin Borg ;)

Great Potential [60795]
Tue 8 Dec 2009 19:09:59

I would love to see Kevin Borg represent Sweden and Lawrence Gray represent Malta. Let us hope that Kevin is the last wildcard to complete the Swedish line-up.
Kevin Borg and Lawrence Gray are both superb artists and they sang together on Maltese television. Both have really exceptional voices!!!!!

Stockholm calling [44413]
Tue 8 Dec 2009 18:44:07

"Pernilla Wahlgren also took part in MF 1991 with a Lena Ph's song"
Yes Vladimir :) "Tvillingsjäl"

Hello Sara :D
Py Bäckman not only took part as a songwriter, she also competed in MF in 1979 and 1992.

Marko, Elin is Swedish :)

** T K [59900]
Tue 8 Dec 2009 13:03:04

oh wow elin lanto and darin in the same heat.. .hmmmm well theyre the only two i could see myself bothering with in this rubbish show that is mf...

togravus ceterum [32383]
Tue 8 Dec 2009 12:16:56


Thanks, you're a star! I have got a first impression now and actually think that we might get more variety than last year, but of course we have to know the songs to give an opinion.
Good luck, Sweden!

Marko For life loves Jovana [60087]
Tue 8 Dec 2009 11:58:14

@ Lady Ariunaa
WOW you have pic from Kazakhstan on your profile!!! :O :)

Marko For life loves Jovana [60087]
Tue 8 Dec 2009 11:54:30

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sara
(K) (K) (K) (K) (K) :D

Yeah for Alcazar and Sibel!!!!!!!!! Jes!!! I love them!!

But Elin Lanto I hate, :@ :@ She's from Denmark, Denmark has bad singers!! :( I told two months ago that Elin Lanto will participate in this year MF!!!

Vladimir P [31751]
Tue 8 Dec 2009 06:41:36

Pernilla Wahlgren also took part in MF 1991 with a Lena Ph's song. I have no idea why they're ignoring this fact everywhere - you can't find this neither in Pernilla's biography on Wikipedia nor on SVT's website.

Lady Ariunaa [60862]
Tue 8 Dec 2009 03:51:38

Looks like we're in for another pukefest.

I wonder how many songs Kempe has this year. We allready know he has one in Norway. Erik Saade is going to sing a Kempe song, and some here also say Peter Jöback is going to sing a song by him. Are there more songs from Kempe this year?

Hehe...I was too late for the MGP thread, it was allready closed when I arrived. It'll come later ;)

Paschalis [24641]
Tue 8 Dec 2009 00:27:40

@ Sara

Excellent job! Can't wait to see a similar one for MGP ;)

Miss Engla should pay me for the hard work I've done!!! :D
I will never hear a bad word about Norway again, capice? :P

For those of you who's not familiar with the names, here are clips of some of the participants (and some facts which I hope are correct, hehe):

Ola Svensson - He participated in Swedish Idol in 2005 (he came 8th).
He also attended in MF 2008 with "Love in stereo"
Singing his song "Natalie" -

Erik Linder - Participated in Sweden got talent 2009. .

Btw. He has a Norwegian girlfriend named Rikke Lie who attended X-factor in Norway this year. Here she is singing her own song: and from X-factor:
They are both great singers, a duet with them together would have been interesting :)

Jessica Andersson - Have participated in MF 4 times.
In 2003 (in the group Fame) - "Give me your love" (5th place in ESC 2003)
In 2004 (with Fame) - "Vindarna vänder oss"
in 2006 with "kalla nätter"
in 2007 with "Kom"

Anders Ekborg - He is a musical artist and actor. His MF song is said to be "pompous but a dificult song to sing"
"We are the champions" -

Linda Pritchard - Was on Swedish idol in 2008. Participated as a dancer in MF 2006 and MF 2008. She has also previously been a background singer for Celine Dion and the Swedish singer Velvet. This is her first time as a solo artist in MF. "Stop" -

Pain of Salvation - A metal band (playing progressive metal). Their songs contain metal, folk, funk, pop and disco. "Ashes" -

Hanna Lindblad - Musical artist
"If I can't have you" -

Eric Saade - Molly Sandèns boyfriend :P He sang in a boyband called "What's up" until he decided to go solo this year. He is going to sing a song by Fredrik Kempe in MF 2010.
"Broken glass" (with Molly) -

Andreas Johnson - Has participated in MF 3 times:
in 2006 - "Sing for me"
in 2007 - "A little bit of love"
in 2008 (with Carola) - "One love"
I absolutely love his song "Glorious" from 1999

Elin Lanto - Participated in MF in 2007 with the song "Money"

Alcazar - Have participated in MF 3 times.
In 2003 - "Not a sinner nor a saint"
In 2005 - "Alcastar"
In 2009 - "Stay the night"

Crucified Barbara - Female band singing thrash metal, sleaze and hard rock.
"Bad hangover" -

Darin Zanyar - He came 2nd in Swedish idol 2004. He is going to sing a ballad in MF 2010. It's his first time participating in MF, but in 2009 in the part final in Malmo, Darin sang "Se på mig", Jan Johansen's winning song from 1995 (as an interval act).
"Se på mig" -
"Step up" -

Peter Jöback - He participated in MF 1990 (and came last) with "En sensation" -
In 1992 he sang (together with Towe Jarneek) the Official song for the European Championship in football (I loved that song!): "More than a game" -
Here is a duet with him and Sissel Kyrkjebö from Norway - "Gå inte förbi" .
And the swedish version of The prayer - "Min bön" (Sissel and Peter)

Pernilla Wahlgren - Pop and musical singer and actress. She has participated in MF 2 times.
In 1985 - "Piccadilly circus"
In 2003 (together with Jan Johansen) - "Let your spirit fly"

Py Bäckman - sing and songwriter of both pop and rock to musicals and films. She also plays piano and harmonica.She has attended MF several times as a songwriter. She wrote "Stad i ljus" performed by Tommy Körberg which won MF in 1988. The song became in 2006 also a hymn in Sweden.

Sibel - She was on Swedish Idol in both 2004 and 2005 (she came 3rd in 2005). She participated in MF 2008 with "That is where I'll go" -
"Make believe" -

Anna Bergendahl - She came 5th in Swedish Idol 2008.
"Have a heart" -
"Release me" -

PUHH.... :O :O !!! :D :D

There are actually 5 previous Idol contestants in this years start field.

Michael UK [23926]
Tue 8 Dec 2009 00:15:54

Alcazar should have reached esc in 2003 and 2009, lets hope "headlines" is just as good.
For those who dont like to see familair names in MF , remember they are familiar for a reason, its called star quality

Stian G [18978]
Mon 7 Dec 2009 23:39:01

I like this list!!! Looking forward to MF :-)

togravus ceterum [32383]
Mon 7 Dec 2009 22:50:06

I don't really look forward to any of the names I know. In particular, I would be very grateful if they spared us Alcazar for at least ONE year. Thus, I hope for the names I don't know. After all, I didn't know either Caroline af Ugglas or Marie Lindberg before MF, and have fallen in love with both since. Good luck, Sweden, and please, get back on track. 1995 was the last year I really, really liked your ESC song ...

Morgan S. Trouillet [10463]
Mon 7 Dec 2009 22:36:35

no I don't think that Norway is doing any better than MF and in comparison I think the new names from Sweden sound more exciting than the new names from Norway this year. It's just that last year MF was rather typical and expected with the Kempe "last to go" (hero, la voix) song to win.. while Norway brought some excitement ! I really don't think one country is better, it's a matter of each year, looking at which country has the best NF. It can also be Albania this year, based on the great names of RETURNING artists.. but they're GOOD artists not like Alcazar who are ridiculous in my opinion.

Stockholm calling [44413]
Mon 7 Dec 2009 22:16:51

Dino Silva
According to Sibel: "I was born in Macedonia, Turkish origin and grew up in Sweden"

Paschalis [24641]
Mon 7 Dec 2009 22:15:48

Looking forward to listening to the songs of
Pain of Salvation, Salem, Crucified Barbara, Anna Maria Espinosa and Frispråkarn. All of them will bring something new to MF, I'm sure.

I have really expectations from PoS.
And please, Sweden, don't send a song by Kempe again!!!

! Marky [60363]
Mon 7 Dec 2009 22:11:14

The only one I am looking forward too is Sibel, she has a great voice and should have won in 2008. However it's good to see so many new artists, and I'm hoping to discover some new great singers :D I think Peter Joback will win, from the names at least. I hope the last wildcard will be something like Amanda Jenssen or Agnes but I really doubt it will be any of them. I hope for something different from Sweden this year, but in a good sense.

mer maid [34070]
Mon 7 Dec 2009 21:58:21

@Dino Silva

Sibel was born to Turkish parents in Macedonia,then they moved to Sweden.Macedonia has a big Turkish community and Sibel is one of them.You can google to set the records straight :)

SS501 - [59455]
Mon 7 Dec 2009 21:55:03

@ Pesident Engla Nuts
This is a Swedish thread, so don't spam with Norwegian MGP :D

Ellie Welsh [37131]
Mon 7 Dec 2009 21:51:12

YAAAAAAY ALCAZAR !! =D their song better be like stay the night =D they deserve to win if it is =)

Dino Silva [60128]
Mon 7 Dec 2009 21:47:59

mer maid

Sibel isn't turkish, she's macedonian. And she would be the perfect choice for Macedonia, NOT for Sweden.

I hope Robyn, Ana Johnson or Agnes for the last wildcard. Their AMAZING :D

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