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Zentu Digital LLC exists to promote Linux/UNIX (commonly referred to as *nix) varieties of digital products or open-source software (OSS). Think about it like a giant warehouse of software which is less expensive than the software you find in the aisles of a brick-and-mortar.

To be especially fair, we also feature a platform that enables promotion of either open-source or proprietary mobile device software.

Open-Source Software (OSS) isn't just for the Internet; it can be used for myriad tasks from work to play. Everything from a home computer to an eCommerce application used by a small business to a large University research and data center can (or does)benefit from the use of open-source software. OSS is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for individuals, educators, organizations, and business.

We also offer ever-evolving resources dedicated to Open-Source Software (OSS), the people who write it, and the people who benefit from its use. Aside from being the most comprehensive directory of open-source software on the net, some of the goals and reasons for maintaining the site here are:

    -- To bring about an increased awareness of the varieties of OSS which are available as less expensive alternatives to proprietary software.
    -- To provide a comprehensive reference source of working open-source projects, organized by form and by function.
    -- To highlight the numerous benefits (from cost-savings to security) of using OSS over pay-per-license proprietary software.
    -- To support open-source developers by providing a neutral place within the community to showcase projects of any scale: from large, well-funded ventures to the small independent projects.
    -- To assist and educate old and new users of open-source software
    -- To contribute something of value upon which future innovations will be built. The future is wide open. The foundation upon which open-source is built can and will save the world; as has been proven, open-source conserves time, energy, resources and money by being honest and efficient.

With over 700 projects listed in the directory, varieties from every fathomable area of interest, there's sure to be a project that catches your interest. "CTRL+D" bookmarks this site which has already "bookmarked" the best OSS sites on the web; check back often and enjoy your stay!

- Shawnee

Enough with the MBA Bashing

Gee, thanks, Google

The Official Google Blog is opening up on what they think it means to be open. Please read the following quotes from their blog, and my responses that follow.

Disable Network Manager Pop-Up Notifications in GNOME

Now This is Wireless Hacking

In the computing world, there are fewer things more annoying than a persistent icon or floaty-menu that attempts to recursively remind a user of something obvious. For the mobile computing folks among us, the issue of wireless network connectivity is probably high on the list. Pop-up notification: Network connected. Pop-up notification: Network disconnected. Network connected. New networks in range. Low network signal strength. Pop-up notification: Network connected. Network connecte . . . . .. Pop-up notification: Network connected. Network disconnected.

Fun with OpenSSL: Part 1

When it comes to security, OpenSSL may sound like an oxymoron, but in reality it is one of the most "Fort Knox" defenses for security on any system. Its base complexity facilitates a multitude of cryptographic algorithms, protocols and hashes with an even greater number of options. Aside from the SSL client and server features, OpenSSL supports:

  • File encryption, hashing, salting
  • TLS, an emerging variety of "next generation" SSL
  • UNIX password hashes for a greater number of non-alphanumeric characters
  • Banking, Digitally

    Today was an interesting day.

    The Semi-Annual Meeting -- Now Virtual

    One of the things that I've decided to start doing this year is a sort of "semi-annual" update regarding the progress and growth of this site. As the last one marking (one month or so late) the three-year old birthday of was about half a year ago, it's time again for the numbers.

    Introducing the Mobile Elite

    It has been a long three and a half years.

    Zentu Digital is just about ready for prime time. Every ounce of sweat, tears, and blood (albeit less blood due to fewer paper cuts from a "Digital LLC") poured into the site and it has gone pretty far for just one little person. Building the framework for a scalable, revenue-generating company was quite a challenge.

    The Zentu Mobile Device Apps Store

    Welcome to the Zentu Mobile Device Apps: The Mobile Elite Directory

    This section explains how to get a mobile device software brand or application (app) description, link and image added to The Mobile Elite Directory.

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