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Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon will build new elementary school on Valley Catholic's Beaverton campus

The 79-year-old convent is outdated. A new, 67,000-square-foot school is estimated to cost around $18 million and be open by Fall 2011.

Flying kick sent man into train's path, video shows

Keoki Rosimo lost his footing and fell off the platform in front of the train as it began to leave the station. He landed between the track and the platform, and the train's two cars passed over him.

Wednesday biz roundup: PUC shuffle, banks face fresh trouble, Adidas closes Pearl District store

Also: Minority businesses aren't getting the lion's share of city contracts steered toward them, and Oregon motorists appear to be taking the cell-phone driving ban seriously.

Memphis 109, Portland 105: Trail Blazers let opportunities slip away

The Grizzlies end the game on a 13-1 run, leaving the Blazers locker room stunned and angry.

Of all times, of all things, the Democrats in the Oregon Legislature chose now, in the throes of one of the worst recessions in history, to make business an enemy. Measure 66 and Measure 67 insist that Oregonians pick a side, to accept one lousy, harmful choice or the other. No, we won't do it. You shouldn't, either.

Web sites that will get you doing fun things outdoors around Portland

A half-dozen Web sites, most of them fairly new, guide visitors around the best of the Northwest outdoors.

Fire-damaged Sel Gris doubtful to reopen on Southeast Hawthorne

Lingering problems from a fire spur chef Daniel Mondok to search for a new home for his celebrated Portland restaurant.

FOODday's staff shares their annual list of 100 Things We Love

Staffers and contributors reveal what food finds we're obsessed with, what restaurants we can't stay away from, what's cooking on TV and the Web, and a whole lot more. We also offer a deja vu of our best recipes from 2009.

Deer-resistant plants

The list of deer-resistant plants is quite extensive. But remember, what deer eat depends on the deer and how hungry it is. We've listed some of our favorites, plus where to go for more help.

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    Designers add finishing touches to a weekend of open houses in this exciting issue of Explore the Pearl. Plus, don't miss our special "lesson" on the flavors of fall -- and the magazine's pull-out walking map, which will allow you to get out and "Explore the Pearl."
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