2007-03-14 01:13:56
New version of Nao is available for tests. Program is rewritten from
2006-10-20 14:51:58
I am working on new version of Nao file manager, it will be rewritten from scratch :)
2006-05-15 13:12:37
New version of nao file manager 0.2.1 (previously openspace), the most important new feature is sftp support
2006-05-09 23:15:48
2006-04-08 18:22:20
New version OpenSpace filemanager 0.2.0 released:
2006-02-16 12:21:08
Look at this interesting magazine hakin9
2005-10-22 20:04:09
Finally there is 0.1.0 version of openspace filemanager, visit homepage of this project to see more: This is first public release.
2005-10-02 00:56:59
I added information about distros based on Navyn OS
2005-09-11 01:44:16
There is forum available now:
2005-07-19 00:08:57
i am working now on new project:


Installation of alternative boot manager - grub

Lilo is the default boot manager and it was chosen to simplify the installation process. If you would like to have one of the most advanced boot managers then you will want to install grub. Here's how... Type emerge grub. Execute grub by typing grub.

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CD customizing and existing Navyn OS based distros

There are distros based on Navyn which is based on Gentoo :)

I know about few Navyn os based distros, last time i found ... chinese Navyn OS version :]

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Navyn OS is a gnu/linux distribution based on Gentoo. Gentoo isn't a typical distribution like Debian or Slackware, it doesn't even have an installer, it is similar to making your own distribution. The main part of Gentoo is portage, a set of scripts for installing and removing programs. You can install programs easily by typing the command emerge program_name or use user friendly program with GUI porthole. In portage there are thousands of programs. There are also dependencies between programs so the command emerge will install programs AND all needed dependencies. The command emerge downloads the program from the network, unpacks, compiles and installs it. Installing programs is very easy using emerge.

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Programs installation

Because Navyn OS uses the Gentoo portage, you now have access to thousands of programs.You need to have a working internet connection because programs are downloaded from the network. In the directory /usr/portage there is a list of available programs, you can install them by typing emerge program_name.

read more, comments('11')Date: 2005-02-14 01:40:38 Author: compbatant Views: 19269

Hard disk installation

There are now 3 installators availible, one really easy, two others are more advanced. The second installator scripts is written by, look at his page at Thanks for this great work. This installator has about 2500 lines of code :D I added some things and change some others and release third installator script based on this from jet blackz.

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What is it for


Included in Navyn Os there are many programs connected with network security. One of the most important programs is nmap, a great port scanner with many advanced options. On the cd there is also a sniffer program called dsniff which is ideal for capturing passwords. Another program is nessus, which can be used for searching vulnerabilities on remote systems. You can easilly compile exploits because there are all library headers on the cd. Of course there is also ssh, netcat and a great program for searching samba shares : nbtscan. Drivers for WIFI cards are compiled into the kernel so this distro is ideal for wardriving, a lot of programs for this:
  • kismet
  • airsnort
  • amap
  • vmap
  • hping
  • thcrut
There is also linux-wlan-ng for drivers not included in kernel and ndiswrapper for using windows wifi drivers. Small program for cracking bios password and program for clearing windows NT password and xprobe which is OS fingerprinting tool.

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List of all programs included on CD

There are 296 packages included in cdrom and you can easily add new programs from gentoo portage

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The latest version is: 2005.01
File size: 384MB
MD5: dfbc976a7e6470c516d789fbdc99eaa3
This description is about the lastest version. You can downlaod compressed iso files from servers listed below. You need to extract this file to iso: in linux using bunzip2 command, on windows using for example winrar.

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  • new kernel 2.6.9
  • SATA disk are now supported
  • fixed installation problems
  • all programs are updated
  • now you can choose framebuffer resolution during boot
  • added new programs: lftp (ftp client), xfsprogs (for XFS partition), rar
  • new security programs gkrellmwireless, macchanger, hydra, stunnel, fping, nast
  • added script for automounting partitions
  • added support for mouse with scroll

read more, comments('7')Date: 2005-02-12 18:06:56 Author: compbatant Views: 16153


Yeah, everybody like screenshots. You can see default look of Navyn OS on screenshots below. I There are many of transparency and colors are rather dark. As you can see the default window manager is fluxbox. Maybe in future i will make theme packs for Navyn OS. You will be able soon to upload your screenshots.

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If you have any problems with Navyn OS, write here I will try to help you.

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Do you want support Navyn OS?

Yes you can join to Navyn OS project, the most important is to write new scripts to make Navyn OS more powerfull and more user friendly. You can also write tutorial about Navyn OS or tell what to include in next release, what change in kernel or just inform others about this distro, thanks for any help.

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