Parsec Awards 2009

The Parsec Awards are presented at the Dragon*Con Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. The rules for this award are established as follows. Participants understand that these rules may be subject to clarification and change without prior notice.


One winner will be determined in each category to receive the Parsec Award trophy and the right to claim the title of Parsec Award winner in their category for that year.


We are going to nominate 5 podcasts each category that exemplifies podcasting excellence.

  • Best Speculative Fiction Story (Short Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novella Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Story (Long Form)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Short Form including Independents)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama (Long Form including Independents)
  • Best Speculative Fiction Video Podcast
  • Best Speculative Fiction Magazine or Anthology Podcast
  • Best Speculative Fiction Comedy/Parody Podcast
  • Best Speculative Fiction Fan Podcast
  • Best Speculative Fiction News Podcast
  • Best Writing-related Podcast
  • Best “Infotainment” Cast
  • Best Gaming Podcast
  • Best Anime Podcast
  • Best New Speculative Fiction Podcaster/Team
  • Best Speculative Fiction Music Podcast
      • The Joe Murphy Memorial Award
        • Awarded to podcasts and podcasters that excel in social awareness and extend their own responsibilities above and beyond the demands of the podcasts they produce.
        • Honorary Award: Stipulations do not apply, awarded at the discretion of the Committee


      (Step 1) Call for general nominations:
      This is done on the "The Parsec Awards: A Celebration of Speculative Fiction Podcasting" web site at: on the home page, or through Listeners may nominate their favorite podcasts and podcasters may nominate their own podcasts.

      (Step 2) Inform nominees and request samples:
      Each nominee will informed of their nomination and will be asked assemble a sample of their podcasts as can be found in the Submission Guidelines found on the Parsec Awards site.

      (Step 3) Five finalists are determined for each category:
      The Parsec Awards Steering Committee and their assignees (as selected by the committee) will determine a list of five finalists in each category. Each podcast will be evaluated by a set of numerical ratings based on criteria specific to the nominated category. These ratings and criteria are to be published separately. Steering committee members and assignees in this process will be recused from any portion of this judging process involving podcasts with which they are associated or have contributed. All participants acknowledge that the awards process involves subjective judgment on the part of those making award determinations and that artistic merit and ranking is highly influenced by personal preference. Nevertheless, every effort will be made in the selection of finalists and awarding the winner to be as fair and objective as possible.

      (Step 4) Selection of five finalist judges and announcement of nominees:
      Finalists will be announced and the final award determination will be made by independent judges selected by the Steering Committee from outside of podcasting but with experience in related fields (literature, broadcasting, etc.)

      (Step 5) Final Judges vote via secret ballot:
      Voting is conducted by secret and secure means, which shall be explained at the time of the award ceremony. Winners will not be informed in advance and the presenters will have no foreknowledge of the outcome.

      (Step 6) The Awards Ceremony:
      The award will be presented at the Dragon*Con convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, in the country of the United States. Podcast producers need not be present to be awarded but will be asked to participate in the awards show if present.


      • Nominations accepted: April 26th through June 7th.

      • Submissions will be due no later than midnight (PDT) on June 28th.

      • Samples will not be accepted after this deadline, and we encourage you to submit your samples earlier.

      • Finalist list will be compiled and assembled by the Steering Committee no later than July 19th.

      • Finalists submission provided to the celebrity judges by July 20th.

      • Winner list received by committee by August 6th.

      • Dragon*Con 2009: Parsec Awards Ceremony on Saturday September 5th.

      Steering Committee member ineligibility:
      Members of the Steering Committee do not make the final selection of award winners and are they, themselves ineligible to receive an award in any year in which they are members of the committee. Podcasts to which they have contributed are eligible for award but the board member must recuse themselves from any involvement in either the nomination or selection process.