Third of Americans suspect 9-11 government conspiracy

Scripps Howard News Service

More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East, according to a new Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll.

The national survey of 1,010 adults also found that anger against the federal government is at record levels, with 54 percent saying they "personally are more angry" at the government than they used to be.

Widespread resentment and alienation toward the national government appears to be fueling a growing acceptance of conspiracy theories about the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Suspicions that the 9/11 attacks were "an inside job" _ the common phrase used by conspiracy theorists on the Internet _ quickly have become nearly as popular as decades-old conspiracy theories that the federal government was responsible for President John F. Kennedy's assassination and that it has covered up proof of space aliens.

Seventy percent of people who give credence to these theories also say they've become angrier with the federal government than they used to be.

Thirty-six percent of respondents overall said it is "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that federal officials either participated in the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon or took no action to stop them "because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East."

"One out of three sounds high, but that may very well be right," said Lee Hamilton, former vice chairman of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (also called the 9/11 commission.) His congressionally appointed investigation concluded that federal officials bungled their attempts to prevent, but did not participate in, the attacks by al Qaeda five years ago.

"A lot of people I've encountered believe the U.S. government was involved," Hamilton said. "Many say the government planned the whole thing. Of course, we don't think the evidence leads that way at all."

The poll also found that 16 percent of Americans speculate that secretly planted explosives, not burning passenger jets, were the real reason the massive twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed.

Conspiracy groups for at least two years have also questioned why the World Trade Center collapsed when fires that heavily damaged similar skyscrapers around the world did not cause such destruction. Sixteen percent said it's "very likely" or "somewhat likely" that "the collapse of the twin towers in New York was aided by explosives secretly planted in the two buildings."

Twelve percent suspect the Pentagon was struck by a military cruise missile in 2001 rather than by an airliner captured by terrorists.


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That lower percentage may result from an effort by the conservative Washington-based Judicial Watch advocacy group to debunk the claim. The group filed claims under the Freedom of Information Act and got two fill loops released from Pentagon security cameras.

"Some people claim they can't see anything, but I see a plane hitting the Pentagon at incredibly high speed," said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. "I see the nose of the plane clearly entering the frame of one video and the tail of the plane entering the Pentagon in the other video."

Many conspiracy Web sites have posted the video loops and report the films are inconclusive or were manipulated by the government.

"Some folks will never be convinced," Fitton said. "But I'm hoping that these videos will dissuade reasonable people from falling into a trap with these conspiracy theories."

University of Florida law professor Mark Fenster, author of the book "Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture," said the poll's findings reflect public anger at the unpopular Iraq war, realization that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction and growing doubts of the veracity of the Bush administration.

"What has amazed me is not that there are conspiracy theories, but that they didn't seem to be getting any purchase among the American public until the last year or so," Fenster said. "Although the Iraq war was not directly related to the 9/11 attacks, people are now looking back at 9/11 with much more skepticism than they used to."

Conspiracy-believing participants in the poll agree their suspicions are recent.

"I certainly didn't think of conspiracies when 9/11 first happened," said Elaine Tripp, 62, of Tabernacle, N.J. "I don't know if President Bush was aware of the exact time it was going to happen. But he certainly didn't do enough to stop it. Bush was so intent on having his own little war."

Garrett Johnson, 19, of Manassas, Va., said it was "well after the fact" before he started questioning the official explanation of the attacks. "But then people I know started talking about it. And the Internet had a lot to do with this. After reading all of the different articles there, I started to think we weren't being told the truth."

The Scripps Survey Research Center at Ohio University has tracked the level of resentment people feel toward the federal government since 1995, starting shortly after Timothy McVeigh bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City. Forty-seven percent then said they, personally, feel "more angry at the federal government" than they used to. That percentage dropped to 42 percent in 1997, 34 percent in 1998 and only 12 percent shortly after 9/11 during the groundswell of patriotism and support for the government after the attacks.

But the new survey found that 77 percent say their friends and acquaintances have become angrier with government recently and 54 percent say they, themselves, have become angrier _ both record levels.

The survey also found that people who regularly use the Internet but who do not regularly use so-called "mainstream" media are significantly more likely to believe in 9/11 conspiracies. People who regularly read daily newspapers or listen to radio newscasts were especially unlikely to believe in the conspiracies.

"We know that there are a lot of people now asking questions," said Janice Matthews, executive director of, one of the most sophisticated Internet sites raising doubts about official explanations of the attacks. "We didn't have the Internet after Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin or the Kennedy assassination. But we live in different times now."

Matthews' Web site averaged 4,000 "hits" a day last year, but currently has at least 12,000 visits every 24 hours. The site, according to its online policy statement, is dedicated to showing the public that "elements within the U.S. government must have orchestrated or participated in the execution of the attacks for these to have happened the way in which they did."

Participants in the poll were asked to respond to "several serious accusations that some people have made against the federal government in recent years." Five conspiracy theories were described and participants were asked if each was "very likely, somewhat likely or unlikely."

The level of suspicion of U.S. official involvement in a 9/11 conspiracy was only slightly behind the 40 percent who suspect "officials in the federal government were directly responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy" and the 38 percent who believe "the federal government is withholding proof of the existence of intelligent life from other planets."

The poll found that a majority of young adults give at least some credence to a 9/11 conspiracy compared to less than a fourth of people 65 or older. Members of racial and ethnic minorities, people with only a high school education and Democrats were especially likely to suspect federal involvement in 9/11.

The survey was conducted by telephone from July 6-24 at the Scripps Survey Research Center at the University of Ohio under a grant from the Scripps Howard Foundation. The poll has a margin of error of 4 percentage points.

(Thomas Hargrove is a reporter for Scripps Howard News Service. Guido H. Stempel III is director of the Scripps Survey Research Center at Ohio University.)

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There is always more then one version

all versions are theories until the science verifies them to be fact!

Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?

Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Emotions aside ... time to learn something

All of you conspiracy flakes keep claiming "Physics" and you all refer to Professor Steven E. Jones at BYU, the only physics professor who was confused enough to support your theories.

"In a paper posted online Tuesday, Jones suggests that "pre-positioned explosives," not planes, were what brought down the three World Trade Center buildings — the two Twin Towers and WTC 7. Jones' article, which has been accepted for peer-reviewed publication next year, can be found at"

Well it looks like his peers reviewed it and trashed it. You might still be able to find it on Consiracy Theory web sites but you won't find it at any credible physics site.

If you are interested in the physics behind the collapse you might find this site a bit more accurate.

And what do we learn?

How High Are You? This so-called "Explanation" only works if you accept the lower 70 or so stories of the buildings to act as a "vertical spring"? Your "physics" is a belief that the Twin Towers were giant Slinky's? Can I have some of what you're smoking? Because I'd really like to know what it's like to be such a vegetable as to be able to buy what you are selling.

"These transactions, now recollected but as dreams in the night, were then sad realities; and nothing rescued us from their liberticide effect, but the unyielding opposition of those firm spirits who sternly maintained their post in defiance of terror, until their fellow citizens could be aroused to their own danger, and rally and rescue the standard of the constitution."
Thomas Jefferson


So, was 9/11 an inside job? Let me start by saying that I was a BIG Bush supporter -- I campaigned for him in 2000 and 2004. I contributed to his campaign. I happen to be a Pilot/Engineer/Physicist. In September of 2006, I saw video dot google dot com for the first time... In MOST POPULAR, I saw a documentary called "LOOSE CHANGE". Wow -- I was mad that anyone could say this stuff about W and Cheney -- I loved these guys.

But I continued to watch. Once I finished, I watched about 35 more videos on 9/11. As I watched AND DID CALCULATIONS, I realized all the lies we have been told. With the aid of my schooling, I came to 100% certainty that 9/11 was an inside job. This is only my conclusion -- watch at least 15 minutes of ANY of these videos, and make your own conclusion. If you have not watched 15 minutes of one of these videos, and say 9/11 was performed by Arab terrorists -- you are misinformed!

Larry Silverstein took over the lease for the WTC 6 weeks before demolition charges brought down the twin towers AND BUILDING 7. Building 7 was demolished at 5:21 pm on 9/11. Bet you never heard about Building 7... A HUGE 47+ story scyscraper that was part of the WTC, that just happened to house the CIA / SEC Headquarters / Ghouliani's command center... 20 minutes before building seven collapsed, a BBC reporter reported it's collapse -- with the building clearly visable over her shoulder -- don't beleive me? -- google it... President Cheney is a monster -- Haliburton is now rich beyond measure, and the lives of the Americans that died on 9/11 paid for it. GOD HELP US GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES D AMNED TO H ELL CHENEY D AMNED TO HE LL W DA MDED TO HEL L THE NWO

Why isn't someone investigating this

What you said is exactly what I think. I watched everything I could find on the Internet on 9/11. I am convinced the buildings were brought down by explosives. There is no way that jet fuel could have melted all the steel in those buildings at that one instance when they collapsed, that is, if it melted any of the steel at all. That, however, could be conjecture. What I don't understand is why there has been no investigation of Building 7 that was brought down (admittedly by Larry Silverstein) on the same day with explosives. With the chaos in lower Manhattan on 9/11, there was no way anyone could have set explosives to bring down Building 7. It had to be primed with explosives days or weeks before 9/11. Who did that, and why? Why isn't anyone asking those questions? Where is our media? Where is our free press? Where are our muckraking reporters? If someone were to question the implosion of Building 7, might they not think about the two towers and how they too came down in their own footprints? How can we get people to look at this and understand that perhaps our own government was somehow complicit in this catastrophic event. Thanks for letting me email you. I have to vent, as I am so distraught about all of this. Lois Smith


The ones who are saying this wasn't an inside job are the same ones that haven't even looked at any evidence. There are mountains of evidence to support this being an inside job. Listen to the firefighters tapes from that day. Listen to what they had to say in an interview after the fact. Listen to all the eyewitness accounts of loud explosions seconds before the collapses. It's naive American's like the ones who say this wasn't an inside job that has allowed the U.S. government to get away with doing nothing but lying to the public. When "conspiracy theories" are supported by cold hard facts and evidence, they are no longer "conspiracies". If you knew anything about the construction of these buildings, you would know that a plane had no chance of collapsing those buildings; NO CHANCE. All three towers fell at free-fall speed and Silverstein admitted that WT7 was "pulled" due to mysterious damage that was never inflicted. All three towers fell exactly the same way. The facts are that WT7 was the control center for the whole operation and that's why it was destroyed. Silverstein had just bought the towers one week before 9/11 and the government knew for years that those towers needed to be repaired due to asbestos and corrosion. It was much cheaper to just bring them down and why not promote a war at the same time. Look at what they did with the death of Pat Tillman. They lied about how he died in order to promote the war with no reguard for his family or anything.

American government is crooked and corrupt from top to bottom. Conspiracy theories aren't from people making things up. If you took any time to review these "theories", you would see that they are all supported by FACTS and EVIDENCE. The government has been lying to us for decades because people are so damn gullible and on top of that, too trusting and lazy to do anything but take them for their word.

Updated link.


I was wondering if that link may be old? Could you provide an updated link for me, (if it's still up) I'm doing a little research, thank you.


911 conspiracy theory

Three links that should be the last word on 911 conspiracy theory

give me a break

Where did you come up with these stats, asked ten of your moron friends. Let me guess we didnt land on the moon either, and Elvis is still alive. Anyone who says that our goverment blew up the towers in my presence gets a punch in the face. I would like to meet you in person for just this reason. So come on down.

It doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to see criminal negligence

It doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to note that they did all they could to slow, hamper downgrade, dismiss anti-terror measures, and even appear to encourage a terrorist strike on U.S. soil. Of course there is the PNAC statement that the Iraq invasion would not be possible absent a new "Pearl Harbor," but even absent that, their inaction alone amounts to criminal negligence.
It's all well and good to be disgusted with Clinton, who wasn't, but ignore his national security advisor when he says terrorism will be your number one priority? Accept the fat file he hands you but admit later it sat unopened on your desk until September 12? Cancel weekly to biweekly meetings on Bin Laden until September? Add layers between the NSAdvisor and the counter-terrorism czar, and ignore his warnings, delaying any meetings on the subject despite "flashing red lights" and "people running around with their hair on fire?" This just grazes the surface of their criminal inaction.
Then there's the Justice side. Look into John O'Neill, who resigned in disgust after being shut down as head of the Bin Laden task force.
These ruinous people have damaged our nation for decades and the Republican party may not ever recover.
I don't even need to read about squibs of smoke and the physics of steel melting at one-tenth its normal temperature.
Of course the voting system is broken and constitutional protections are trashed, so I could end up in some pogram just for reading and commenting on the news.

daggone libruls

You liberals are all the same. Everybody knows that Bush is the security president. (He's just leaving the border wide open to lull the terrists into a false sense of security.)

And u need to get your facts straight. The steel did not melt at 1/10 it's normal temperature, it melted at 1/5 it's normal temperature. sheesh. :O

Why Must You Only Equate Intelligence With Liberals?

It just so happens that I am NOT a LIBRUL, sir. The truth is, any intelligent human being can see through Bush's B.S., as well as the rest of his cronies. I think you need to do more research . . .

Apparently you're not that

Apparently you're not that intelligent if you actually believe all this crap.

Please watch this video and

Please watch this video and then decide who did 9/11

“Theories about 9-11 (American Perspectives) (7/29/2006)”

The 911 video

It must be the wrong link because the video I saw there was some preacher talking about going to the moon...thats not 911 stuff.

It was definitely an inside job

No doubt about it. I am also convinced they will start a war with Iraq or do another 9/11 to escapse the 9/11 Truth Movement.

I wouldn't be surprised

I'm not ready to posit that 9-11 was an inside job, but I wouldn't be surprised. I also wouldn't be surprised if a false-flag attack lets Bush cancel the 2008 elections, as he has put into place the machinery to let him do so.

9/11 media inside job

The notion "9/11 Inside Job" and "Controlled Demolition"
reveal only half of a meanwhile orwellianized truth.

The rest of it is collected here:

Everyone who agrees, should sign this petition:

This is a complex issue

Sure, there are a lot of crazies spouting idiotic ideas about 9/11, but if you really do the research, you will find a preponderance of evidence that demands another investigation. The issue is far more complex than 9/11 Nutcases vs. Bush/Cheney. It's time intelligent people began looking at the gray areas. If this is not your calling, fine. But please don't oversimplify this topic, jump to conclusions, or spout opinions without examining the available evidence for yourself. Don't trivialize this as "just another conspiracy theory." The implications here are critical for our democracy.

Very true...Questioning the Gov't Account in Not Crazy

Being a New Yorker who was only a few blocks away from the WTC not too long after the attack, I was very interested in how this could happen -- all the government's failure to prevent the scope of the attack.

The principal fact that bothers me to this day is why WTC 7 fell when not hit by any planes or significant debris -- the jet fuel "factor" simply was not an issue. Yet, several hours after the fall of the towers, Building 7 falls at almost free-fall speed. The FEMA report has concedes that it "could not determine" why it fell. The rate of WTC 7's fall is contrary to basic physics. How could the 9/11 Commission overlook inquiry into this?

Questioning many of the holes in the "Official Account" is not nutty. Add to the fact that the Bush Administration is, to be kind, less than candid on any issue, is it not reasonable to wonder what the Administration really knows about 9/11?

Pakistani ISI is the smoking gun of US complicity

Everyone needs to research the Pakistani ISI(intelligence) funding and involvement in 9/11, and realize they were just the proxy to al Qaeda.

ALSO, today's Washington Post: Pentagon Lying About 9/11

For all the liberals and conversatives calling us nuts, keep believing that Oswald acted alone...that the anthrax came from Iraq, Bush won the election fair and square and that Iraq has WMD's.
Something is CLEARLY wrong with the official version of 9/11, and it's being used to justify war after war.

Liars and Murderers

It was definitley an inside job!! We have to wake up the sheeple to the Governments crimes.

If you don't believe any of this just do a little research, there are so many unanswered questions, questions that are simply ignored and never talked about by officials.

We live in a world where communication and information flows more easily than it ever has done before. 9/11 videos and documents are being studied by millions of people all over the world and every day more and more join. All these people decide by themselves that something is very, very wrong. . .

If you are watching and reading the mainstream news you are watching PROPAGANDA!!

Boycott Faux news!

John Ashcroft

My favorite from the whole 9/11 experience is this CBS News article from JULY 26, 2001 which states:

"In response to inquiries from CBS News over why Ashcroft was traveling exclusively by leased jet aircraft instead of commercial airlines, the Justice Department cited what it called a "threat assessment" by the FBI, and said Ashcroft has been advised to travel only by private jet for the remainder of his term. Now, after the fact, the government says this article is not true, never happened, dunno what you're talking about, move along here."

But they haven't gotten ahold of the Ministry of Truth yet.

That _was_ my favorite. But

That _was_ my favorite. But the more I think about it, the best is Bush's statement that he saw the first plane hit the Trade Center before he went into the classroom. How could Bush's memory be mistaken about that? I can still vaguely picture my classroom and the loudspeaker over which it was broadcast that Kennedy was shot (and a commentator's live reference to the "grassy knoll"). I know what I was doing when Challenger exploded and I know where I was watching NBC when I saw the second plane hit "live".

But the first plane wasn't broadcast live. If Bush saw it live, they had a closed cam trained on the Center that they were watching from down there in Florida. News footage of the first plane striking was collected later from tourists and the like who just happened to be at the right place at the right time with a camera.


I have tried to explain this many times... what Bush was saying was that he "saw a plane hit the tower."

This is analogous to saying "I saw a huge accident on the freeway."

Of course I didn't really "see" the accident occur, all I really saw was ambulances, wreckers, cops, an overturned semi, and 5 other wrecked cars.

Note I'm not a Bush shill. lol. He's guilty as sin, just not with that statement!

Bush shill LOL

You are mistaken. He specifically states that he saw the first plane hit and his thoughts were "Gee - that guy must have been a lousy pilot." You cannot possibly have this thought if you are watching the second airplane hit because the first is already pouring out smoke.


According to Alex Jones, and (I believe) Webster Tarpley, there was a drill going on that day, in the exact location where the Naudet Brothers film comes from, called Operation TRIPOD. Go figure: Tripod, get it? Tripod!? Come on. It apparently involved a tripod and a camera. Jeez. But let's just focus on Building 7 and Thermate!


that previous post was misquote, I ended it after my personal commentary, it should read:

"In response to inquiries from CBS News over why Ashcroft was traveling exclusively by leased jet aircraft instead of commercial airlines, the Justice Department cited what it called a 'threat assessment' by the FBI, and said Ashcroft has been advised to travel only by private jet for the remainder of his term."


It's encouraging to think that Americans just might be waking up from that Kool-aide induced coma most of them have been in since Rove and the MSM started spinning their twisted propaganda and serving it to the masses. I still find it very difficult to believe that my fellow Americans have so readily accepted scandals, bribery, corruption, loss of freedoms, outsourcing of jobs and a war based on lies. They succeeded in dividing and conquering our nation and we will NEVER get it back until we stand together to bring these criminals to justice and take our country back.


A wake-up call is good. The truth, however late, will set us free.

Tom Dennen from Africa

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