The Best Hosting Providers For Private Trackers

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One question we get quite frequently from readers is this: What are the best (safest) hosting companies in which to run a private tracker on? The answer is quite simple, really - one just needs to take a look at which hosting providers current trackers are using. Below, we list 200 popular trackers and examine who they’re hosted with. While the most obvious leaders would presumably be OVH and Leaseweb, the results are somewhat surprising - the number 2 provider that private trackers are using to host their sites turns out to be torrent-friendly Carat Networks.

About the data: We sampled a selection of 200 private trackers only; this is not an exhaustive list of trackers or hosting companies. Many popular sites are missing - either the data was inconclusive or we chose to omit them. All compiled data was tabulated from public websites:

• Summary at the bottom.

Private Tracker: Hosted On: Carat Networks Carat Networks
Acid / A-L or or or Carat Networks OVH Limestone Networks ServerPronto OVH Leaseweb OVH Leaseweb Carat Networks Cirtex Hosting RapidSwitch Giga-Hosting MoxieColo OVH ColoStore
Blackcats-Games Cirtex Hosting Carat Networks Carat Networks PRQ
CoExist Carat Networks Carat Networks SPD Network 1& PRQ Colocall ? Giga-Hosting Leaseweb Deninet MoxieColo Leaseweb MoxieColo OVH Leaseweb Leaseweb ExMasters OVH LayeredTech Leaseweb OVH MoxieColo Ecatel IMHoster PRQ Teneco Teneco Velcom Leaseweb MoxieColo Data-Xata OVH Wanex Leaseweb Deninet or Leaseweb Carat Networks UnitedColo Leaseweb ServerConnect RapideNet Carat Networks Globotech Carat Networks Carat Networks or Hetzner Leaseweb MoxieColo Deninet SoftLayer ServerConnect MoxieColo Hetzner Leaseweb Cirtex Hosting Leaseweb Infinitie OVH MediaTemple Leaseweb 1& Carat Networks Leaseweb EasySpeedy OVH Leaseweb MoxieColo 2× Serverboost Carat Networks ServerConnect Hetzner OVH Downtownhost 1& or Carat Networks
Peerportal OVH Leaseweb Leaseweb PRQ SoftLayer Carat Networks
PtN Carat Networks ThePlanet OVH Carat Networks
Racing-Underground Fasthosts Webfusion ServerConnect Globotech MoxieColo OVH Infolink Carat Networks
SCC Carat Networks Leaseweb Teneco OVH OVH
ScL ExMasters OVH OVH Ecatel RapidSwitch Leaseweb Leaseweb Leaseweb Cirtex Hosting Carat Networks MoxieColo Leaseweb
SQN Infinitetech Portlane PRQ Portlane Teneco OVH FDCServers Leaseweb ServerBeach Carat Networks Portlane Carat Networks Velcom
The GFT PRQ Portlane Cirtex Hosting Portlane PRQ Leaseweb Portlane OVH MoxieColo Serverboost MoxieColo Leaseweb Cirtex Hosting Slicehost Leaseweb Carat Networks ThePlanet Leaseweb Leaseweb
VortexNetwork Carat Networks Portlane or Leaseweb

Summary of Top Hosting Sites For Private Trackers

Of the 200 trackers listed, here’s a summary of the most popular hosting companies. Numbers in parentheses refer to how many times they appear in the list, followed by a percentage based on the total 200 sites.

  • Leaseweb (31) - Hosts 15.5% of torrent trackers in this list.
  • Carat Networks (25) - 12.5%
  • OVH (20) - 10%
  • MoxieColo (12) - 6%
  • (8) - 4%
  • Portlane (7) - 3.5%
  • PRQ (6) - 3%
  • NetDirekt (6) - 3%
  • Cirtex Hosting (6) - 3%
  • Piradius (5) - 2.5%
  • Teneco (4) - 2%
  • ServerConnect (4) - 2%
  • Hetzner (3) - 1.5%
  • (3) - 1.5%
  • 1& (3) - 1.5%
  • Deninet (3) - 1.5%

Quick Factoids:

Nearly 50% of the 200 private trackers in the list are hosted on just the Top Six providers above. Here’s a few other tidbits:

OVH — Many smaller and mid-sized trackers find OVH to be an adequate provider, regardless of recent shortcomings related to pricing & bandwidth limits on most newly acquired servers. If we were to have conducted this same study just one year ago, OVH might quite have been host to 20% or more of all private trackers. While the trend suggests that fewer tracker owners/sysops are using OVH to host their sites, OVH still remains a viable seedbox option to supplement the tracker.

Leaseweb — Continues to possess a strong footprint in the torrent tracker market, despite prior problems associated with being known as a safe haven for torrent site hosting. Many public trackers refuse to host here, but private trackers still thrive.

Seedboxes — Unsurprisingly, many of the top hosting sites for trackers are also the most-used providers for seedboxes, seedbox providers and resellers.

Trends — Many new trackers tend to be using Carat Networks (Canada), Moxie Colo (Canada) and (Luxembourg). Also, Portlane (Sweden) and PRQ (Sweden) are becoming popular choices.

Feedback is welcome! Perhaps we’ll elaborate with a comparison of services & pricing in a future article.

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  1. 01   •   PTI Says:

    Nice list. Must have taken a good bit of effort to compile this list. I can see why the majority goes with leaseweb. They rock. Although OVH is still one of my favorites.

  2. 02   •   Velocityy Says:

    It makes me glad whenever I see that Leaseweb is considered a good host. Hands down, Leaseweb is the best dedicated server host out there. No wonder sites like TL and SCT host their sites at Leaseweb. :D

  3. 03   •   /*\ Says:

    Imo it’s a good list, but have you guys taken permission of Pvt trackers, before posting this article. I guess you haven’t, this might piss of some of the trackers. ;)

  4. 04   •   (.)(.) Says:

    This is public info, no permission needed.

  5. 05   •   splendor Says:

    It’s funny so many trackers are still hosting on Leaseweb because officially (!) they forbid .torrent files to be hosted on their server, after pressure from dutch copyright agencies.

  6. 06   •   AzzA Says:

    good list :D

    glad to see carat networks is up there!

  7. 07   •   tadahhh Says:

    LeaseWeb have been turning a blind eye to the torrent sites hosted there, as long as nobody shoves it in their face

    Way to go shoving this list in their face

  8. 08   •   what is the point Says:

    thanks sharky for taking down all the sites and there hosts, is this stupid or what?

    U are just telling piracy companies where to look … STUPID STUPID

    why dont u write something useful

  9. 09   •   dewey Says:

    whats the problem? everyone can see this info. just install flagfox in firefox or copy the tracker ip in some geoip website to see where the site is hosted. i don’t think the big problem of the piracy companies is to find out where the site is hosted ;) everyone can do this in seconds.

  10. 010   •   /*\ Says:

    tbh creating this type of article is waste of time imo. Why don’t you write something which majority doesn’t know? Like Scene stuff and etc lol you won’t - coz you guys doesn’t have guts to……

  11. 011   •   PTI Says:

    @ /*\
    I don’t think even the majority of of torrenters know which host their favorite sites use. It’s no secrete…you could have done the very same thing, but Sharky actually took the time to do it.

  12. 012   •   abdu Says:

    what ever the web hosting service there are.. just dont go with the demonoid one.. they ALWAYS had maintenance issues or something.. just stay safe ;)

  13. 013   •   bloodmage478 Says:

    Carat Networks (Canada), Moxie Colo (Canada) and (Luxembourg). Also, Portlane (Sweden) and PRQ (Sweden) are becoming popular choices.


    why would someone choose these ? prices are too high & too little options

  14. 014   •   king Says:

    You stoopid fucks @ 3 & 8. My god your dumb. @3, last time i checked pvt sites dont get pissed for running a whois or even fckin pinging their dns. @8, go to another p2p news site, please, your quite a dick.
    SiGh… great article sharky, very informative! :)

  15. 015   • invites at Says:

    Seriously all the info posted was public record … poster’s 3,and 8…grow up….

  16. 016   •   what is the point Says:

    no i wont its stupid, u might be able to get it but that is no reason to make it easier, at above u are only psoting to advertise your forum..

  17. 017   •   Thank you Says:

    i don’t think these infos must be show ….

  18. 018   •   reggi Says:

    What a useless list.

    You just did some copy&paste work with popular tracker IPS.

    There is NOW REASON why these Providers should be “save” in any way.

    A few Providers are really bad, like OVH,, Hetzner.

  19. 019   •   /*\ Says:

    @ king

    I bet your mother has a loud bark!

    @ invites at

    rofl man, You’re so old, when you were a kid, rainbows were in black and white. eh..?

  20. 020   •   Redeemer Says:

    OVH is not safe at all. I received DMCA, I had to take down the material.

  21. 021   •   bloodmage478 Says:

    guys …………….this list doesnt matter much , coz as far i know only leaseweb will be the only one which has a little traffic & bandwidth at a resonable price
    taken permission of private fuckers ??who cares…….

    carat networks ………take a look at their products, u will go bankrupt

  22. 022   •   dvd Says:

    @21: if you don’t follow the wishes of a private tracker, be prepared to be banned from it. Your choice.

    And as a general comment, I’m sure sharky knows that by now. this IS public knowledge, but if any trackers as to be taken off this list, I’m sure sharky would comply.

  23. 023   •   a/s/l Says:

    interesting article sharky. i’m surprised isn’t on the list

  24. 024   •   McArty Says:

    Thank you, the article was very interesting, at least for me…

  25. 025   •   abuse Says:

    bad effort

  26. 026   •   Poek Says:

    i personally don’t want my site on the list, but i understand the point and desire for the list (and that i can’t stop you, since it’s public info), we chose our host because a friendly tracker staff recommended it… didn’t know carat served that many of the other sites in the community.

  27. 027   •   George Says:

    I think people already did this to determine who hosts some of these sites hence why Carat is hosting so many now. They are definitely really good at what they do.

  28. 028   •   SpX21 Says:

    Oh ty SpX21 for giving us Carat
    Oh its my pleasure

  29. 029   •   hi there Says:

    bitmetv (and are both xervecom.

  30. 030   •   ReeGed Says:

    Wow, all you whiners seriously need to stop bitching, or at least get a fucking clue before you start flaming someone ;)

    Yes, this is all public information. Anti piracy organizations don’t have a problem finding out where torrent sites are hosted. What sharky has done is make a nice list out of it and put it into a convenient format which is useful for someone who’s interested in starting a private tracker.

  31. 031   •   Angelo Says:

    You do know by publishing this article, you just made it easy for any of those media authorities to know where to look when trying to take down server hosts that are torrent friendly?

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