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Infinite loop of explorer.exe crashes
Friday, March 23, 2007 at 11:48 am
Windows Vista Annoyances Discussion Forum
Posted by qroberts (1 messages posted)

So I was downloading some mpeg videos today I got the message "explorer.exe has generated errors and needs to close". I was given the option to restart explorer or see an error report. I chose restart and within 2 secs the error had popped up again. In fact no matter what I did the error kept popping up very quickly. When the error is displayed the only function I have access to is task manager but I cannot run any processes. The error message details listed a program named something like mpeg-splitter. I booted onto my XP install and removed the unfinished mpegs I had started downloading and went back to the download site to see if the download would generate the same error in XP. They dl'ed just fine. I did note that they were quicktime formatted and I recall that there were some godawful glitches with XP and quicktime movies. With the unfinished dl files removed, the same error was generated endlessly in nl boot and in all the safe-mode options except cmd prompt. So in essesnce, I can't system restore because there isn't a previous point (not sure why, I told it to make restore points), I don't have repair options because I don't have backups and I really would rather not clean install because it's a pain to put all the programs back and there's no way to tell that this won't just happen again as soon as I do. Anyone else run into this problem?

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